Ardell Brow Sculpting Gel

Big brows are back!

This ‘Let it Grow’ look has been in my face for a while now – from my Cleo mag to my local supermarket. Girls everywhere are ditching the tweezers (well not 100% but you know what I mean) for this in your face fashion trend.

So here I was pondering my brows…do I ‘Let them Grow’ or keep my neat tidy in place brows as they’ve always been? Over a school yard chat with a Fashion conscious Mum we agreed to indeed ‘Let them Grow’ – not to the extent of looking bush womany but enough for them to stand out…and I actually like having a bit more brow!

brow gel

I’m using Ardell’s Brow sculpting Gel to keep my brows in place.

Super simple to use, you just use the wand to brush through brows to evenly distribute product and set brows in place for perfectly groomed brows that last all day.

I find it works perfectly and would recommend to anyone who’s being super trendy as I am and letting their brows grow.

7.3ml  / $6.99

Available from Priceline

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