Hottest Upcoming Male Fashion Trends

This year’s fashion trends are built around preppy, athletic, and vintage styles. Printed trousers, suits, and jackets add flash to chic in 2014. While baggy pants are hitting the runway, well-tailored clothes have established a place in the real world. Floral prints, slouchy suits, and casual ‘50’s charm are some of the hottest styles making their comeback in the next few months.

Floral Designs

Milan, New York, and Paris brought fabric bouquets to the runway. Floral designs on blazers, silk shirts, trousers, and cotton/poplin t-shirts are the latest craze. Hawaiian prints, pinstripes, and bright splashes of colour appear on suits and in floral-camouflage combos.  Patterned-printed jackets have set the fashion stage ablaze around the world, mixing everything from blooms to plaid.

Floral Fashion Trends

Slouchy Suits, White Jackets, and Double Breasted Blazers

Slouchy summer suits are stylish and practical.  Attractive yet inexpensive suits like those found at Tarocash look great and retain their appeal throughout the season.  White suits will become more popular during the spring of 2014; the white-combo outfits with edgy designs are notable favourites. The secret to the look is to contrast textures; cotton shirts paired with linen suits and white t-shirts balanced with sleek-silk jackets create distinctly attractive combinations. Double-breasted blazers should be cut short, fitting easily around the hips and waist.

Casual ‘50s

Men’s slouchy bags and accessories, suggesting casual trends from the 1950s, have been given a fresh new twist in both women’s and men’s fashions. Traditional briefcases and leather bags for tablet-devices and personal supplies have been replaced by softer clutch duffels carried beneath the arm. These retro-weekend looks are extended into clothing styles, zippered summer-jackets, pants, and preppy-shirts, in a variety of colours and patterns.

Techy Sportswear, Printed Pants, and Colour-Blocked Shirts

Already a popular trend in women’s fashion, printed-pants are beginning to find their way into a style-craze for men. Experts recommend keeping the look casual; shirts and pants should fit well. Chinos and jeans that are stylish and well-tailored can be attractively matched with a great pair of shoes. Colour-blocked shirts with vertical, horizontal, and diagonal designs are preppy and casual, ideal when worn with a favourite pair of shorts or jeans. High-rise and rolled-up pants are chic trends straight off the runway this season. Everything from laced up leather sandals to sport shirts in surfer, skater, and soccer styles are creating a commotion around the world.

Bomber Jackets

The bomber jacket is another retro look making its comeback this spring. Colour-blocked, leather, wool, and athletic styles can be worn almost everywhere this year. A slim-line jacket with wristbands that fit well provides an attractive silhouette that does not appear too bulky.

Slouchy, preppy, colourful, and athletic… these styles are some of the hottest male fashion trends for 2014. From floral prints to geo-tech designs the popular looks are suitable for every wallet, personality, and build. This year men will be investing in their individual choices, aware that real fashion is built on classic flair, proper fit, and great taste!

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