Oh My Giddy Aunt – Harmony Balls

Oh My Giddy Aunt is our favourite destination for unique and beautiful keepsakes, and they are the only online store to carry the entire range of Bella Donna Silver harmony balls.

A harmony ball is not just a pretty charm – it also has relaxing and meditative properties as it includes a tiny Balinese brass xylophone which gives it a truly magical sound when worn. These balls are traditionally handmade in Bali and make a thoughtful gift idea for that treasured friend.

Another special use for a harmony ball is for an expectant mother to wear one while she is pregnant so that her newborn baby recognises her sound when born.


There is a large range of harmony balls to choose from at Oh My Giddy Aunt (in two sizes), and each comes ready to wear on a black cord – or you can purchase a chain if you prefer.

While you are there make sure you browse the entire store, it is easy to get swept away as you look through all the beautiful gift ideas they have listed.

View the Harmony Balls from Oh My Giddy Aunt here: http://www.ohmygiddyaunt.com.au/main.php?mod=Shop&file=Subs&cat=33&mcat=33

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