Poppies for Grace

Long time admired, first time writing about. Poppies for Grace is a gorgeous name for gorgeous goods. Stationery, art and other bits and bobs are featured on the website and my first instinct upon looking was to purchase everything in sight.

Poppies for Grace are located in Melbourne (hurrah for being local!) and was created by two equally talented ladies, Alana Waterson and Sara Dickens.

Alana and Sara are all about creating artistic designs that are bright, fun and oh-so-stylish. They have a category for “on the desk” which features things that, well, go on your desk. Notepads, notebooks, sticky notes (I have a little thing for sticky notes, their handiness knows no bounds) and wall planners.

The art range is something not to be missed, I appreciate good artwork quite so and it’s rather amazing what difference a design can make to a room. If you’re like my Mum and have an obsession with pillows, do be sure to have a peek at the pillow slips and hand-painted cushions.

I’m pleased to say that the art of letter writing seems to be making a comeback and Poppies for Grace encourage this by making designs that are hard to pass by. Also, if you’re getting married anytime soon, have a little look at the wedding range of stationery here.

Stockists – Visit  http://www.poppiesforgrace.com/index.htm to find your local stockists.

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