Cactus Skincare

It’s such a hard job trying out different skin care items, it really is. Or perhaps “enjoyable” might be a better suited word. As of recently my skin has been treated to the likes of Cactus Skincare. Cactus Skincare already received a firm nod of approval from me before I started testing, due to its Australian roots.  Supporting your countries own companies is always an important thing to do, no?

The Cactus Skincare range is made from natural and organic ingredients that help to nurture and re-balance your skin.  The website has a rather nifty guide to what goes into the formulations, explaining the benefits of each ingredient. I was quite thrilled to see the use of ginger extract, a rarely used ingredient that is high in antioxidants and boasts anti-inflammatory results.  I also learned something new; Cactus Flower Extract is believed to have strong anti-ageing properties. It’s more then just a prickly desert plant, you see.

The line of products really delivers the goods. Not only does each item smell divine (the Intense Hydrating Cream in particular, a subtle floral blend) the hydrating properties from the moisturisers leave you feeling calmed and gives skin the nutrients it needs.

Do you have problem skin? A little bit of skin-detoxing needed? No matter your skin-type, the White Clay Mask is mild enough for weekly use.

Although I believe packaging isn’t everything, the sophisticated glass jars and bottles don’t go unnoticed and is most definitely appreciated.

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