Book: No, We are Not F*king There Yet…

No, We are Not F*king There Yet… is a new book which will leave parents in stitches, and the childless afraid.

Inspired by the popular “Go the F*ck to Sleep, this title offers some comfort to those who are struggling – with the knowledge they are not alone!


Andrew Willis and Robin Swift combine hilarious text with images which will hit close to home, and convince you that in those moments when you don’t know whether to laugh or cry – it’s better to laugh.

Here is a fun little YouTube clip of the book and some of the content you will find inside (warning – includes the f word):

Having children is the best, and the hardest job in the world, and this book will certainly help you get your sense of humour back.

Every parent should own a copy of this not so average parenting book!

You can visit the microsite to read more of the tear inducing rhymes and purchase a copy for yourself:

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