Manicare Tweezers

Manicare have a set of Tweezers for any occassion, and we all want that perfect brow! They are all reasonably priced so you can add them all to your beauty kit, or choose the pair that is right for you.

The following three sets are part of the Manicare range, and all come with a bonus case for travel – allowing you to get those stray hairs whenever you need to.

The Ultimate Slant Tweezers are your everyday tweezers and made from stainless steel.


They are slanted which helps them to grab those hairs and have a contoured grip. RRP $12.95

The Ultimate Point Tweezers are for those shorter hairs and ingrowns. The tips are pointy and fine, so you can accurately get the most difficult hairs without much fuss.


These also have a contoured grip to help prevent slipping.  $12.95

The Mini Tweezers add a burst of colour to your collection in a range of bright colours.


These have a slanted tip and are similar to the Ultimate Slant Tweezers, but in a smaller size. RRP $7.95

Now, I just need to work out how to pluck my eyebrows without sneezing!

The complete range of Manicare Tweezers are available from Priceline, Target and selected pharmacies.

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