Apivita Leave In Conditioner

Apivita Moisturising Colour Protecting Leave In Conditioner for All Hair Types – well that’s certainly a mouth full, isn’t it? Despite its big name I wasn’t expecting big things from this product – I have struggled for quite some time to find decent all-natural hair care products and have to admit I am yet to find something that perfectly suits my overly fussy hair.

Having said that, I have been trialling and experimenting with this lotion of the late and haven’t been all that disappointed. In fact, it has some really good qualities. Apivita suggests that you pump a small amount into your hands and apply to dry or damp hair (the bottle and website both state that you put it in “dump” hair – I’m not entirely sure if this is a spelling mistake on their behalf or some strange translation from Greek to English gone wrong, but I’m sure they really mean damp hair.…) making sure that you don’t rinse out. I prefer to apply this while my hair is damp and I agree with Apivita that a little goes a long way.


You can also expect from this bottle –

–          A lovely scent – the scent of this lotion is subtle and quite exquisite – a soft, flowing jasmine with the slightest hint of lavender

–          93% natural ingredients – including Apivita’s signature honey, olive oil, essential oils of jasmine and lavender and Pro-vitamin B5 – a hair-loving vitamin for good hair vitality

–          A lack of harmful ingredients – you’ll find no parabens, mineral oil, silicone’s, propylene glycol, colorants, sulphates…

–          Helps to prolong and protect your hair colour, over a period of time

–          Adds moisture to hair where needed – also making hair easier to comb through

–          Can be applied prior to hair drying to help set/style

I am particularly impressed with its abilities not to leave hair feeling greasy – on those annoying days where my hair is misbehaving and requires more moisture – I can apply extra and not have to worry about product build up.

RRP – $29.90 for 150ml

Stockists – You can contact Apivita for stockists enquiry via telephone on 1300 274 848 or email info@apivita.com.au http://www.apivita.com/au


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