Channel Ten is loving the Sutherland Shire Council at the moment, this is the location for the upcoming Puberty Blues TV Show, but before we get Puberty Blues we will get The Shire.

Starting at 8pm on Monday July 16th The Shire airs to much controversy, many of the areas residents are less than impressed about the show being filmed in their area. A promo was leaked to the internet in March that has created controversy and got people’s backs up trying to stop the show.

Described as Australia’s Jersey Shore, and the Aussie answer to The Only Way Is Essex, as well as the reality version of Home And Away – The Shire is certainly shaping up to be a show that you love, or that you love to hate – I don’t think there’s going to be much middle ground here at all.

the shire tv

I was devastated to read that this show has been described as dramality – that means that there are enough of them around to give them a genre. I am sorry to fans of this style of viewing but I just can’t understand it, and I really can’t watch it.

Centering around a group of hip young adults (early to mid 20’s) The Shire follows the lives of this group of young people as they live, love and pursue their dreams.

Focusing on KC Osborne as she returns from 12 months in LA trying to launch her music career this series is part scripted and part reality show.

I don’t know about any of you but I won’t be watching! Irrespective of my personal vote I think this show will at least start strong – everyone will want to take a look but I won’t hazard a guess as to how many will stay.

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