Brazilian Tech Smoothing Lotion

I received the Brazilian Tech Smoothing Lotion some time ago but only recently had the pleasure of trying it out. My mum was over for a few days and unlike me, she loves her curls and accentuates them every day. I thought it would be fun to test this product on her first so she washed her hair as usual and applied this to towel dried hair.

This is a leave in formula, you apply and brush through – and lock it in with a heat styler. Well, my normally bouncy haired mum was instantly transformed with straight hair – even without the hair straightener afterwards she was almost unrecognisable. She hated the look of course, she thought she looked like a witch…but I was amazed at how quickly and easily it was achieved.

Brazilian Tech Smoothing Lotion

Then, it was my turn! I have long, naturally curly hair but I always straighten it. I followed the same steps and most of my curls were gone, I just needed a few minutes with the hair straightener and I was done. The Brazilian Tech Smoothing Lotion significantly cut down styling time and I don’t know what the secret is (OK, it’s probably the keratin), but it really works!

I have used an at home smoothing treatment and this had a similar effect except you just reapply it after each wash (like any other styling product – no big production here) and works out a whole lot cheaper.

There is a shampoo and conditioner which I have to get my hands on at some point, but even the Smoothing Lotion on its own is amazing – and of all the products I have used for smoothing and frizz control this would have to be the best non permanent option.

If you are considering investing in a smoothing treatment, I’d suggest giving this a try first and see if it works for you. At just $14.95 this anti-frizz and anti-curl product is the next best thing.

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