Hair Trend: Twisted Colour

A new trend in hair is adding different colours to create a fun rainbow style.

Nakia is the Artistic Direct of Hair for House of Ernest and in the following feature she gives some insight into the look.

House of Ernest Twist
House of Ernest Twist


This look is for clients who want to do something a little different, whether the colour is all over or in a balayage technique for a blend of colouring.

We can do permanent candy colours or colour that is temporary for a week or even just overnight using coloured sprays and powders. The hairsprays are extremely popular as they rinse out within the first wash and they don’t leave any residue or staining of the hair. This means if you have to go back to work on Monday you can wash the colour out instantly.

We can adapt this look for anyone. The lighter the hair the more vibrant and intense the colour will be. This can be done on dark hair as well, by prelightening and then using our permanent colour over the top- using the playful colour menu. This type of colouring is very bespoke and create all types of flavours and techniques. We even stencil some patterns onto the hair if you really want to be different.

House of Ernest Blue
House of Ernest Blue!


There are three different techniques you should look out for…


Dip Dying is when the colour is only applied to the ends of the hair, about 2 inches thick from the bottom of the hair. This is great for hair that is all one length including bobs.


Tie Dying is a layered coloured effect. It is done using two colours and blending them together from midlengths of hair, towards the bottom. The colours mould into each other creating more colours within each other. This is ideal for longer hair.


The Twist is a House of Ernest Technique. The hair is twisted into four sections around the head and three or more colours are used – colouring on the twisted parts of the hair. You then undo the twists and freehand some additional colour throughout the hair. If you have coloured hairsprays you can even do this at home. This works well on hair that’s very long and thick.

the twist
House of Ernest Twist Process
House of Ernest Twist
House of Ernest Twist Finished


To master this trend your colour choices will be important and eye popping candy colours will be a hit.

House of Ernest introduced its playful colour menu at the start of the season. I developed this range for the fun loving and child at heart clients.

The House of Ernest Summer
The House of Ernest Summer

The colour trends are…

  • Bluebell Madonna – Blue Hues
  • Pretty me Pink – Pink Hues
  • Tangerine Queen – Apricot Hues
  • Fizzy Lime Drip – Green Hues
  • Lip me Lavender – Purple hues

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