Croydon Physiotherapy and Pilates Studio

Not a lot beats a massage, especially when you’re a mother of two and running around like a mad woman all day! So when I was asked to do a review for a massage I jumped at the chance.

The voucher I was given was from group buying website and entitled me to “half price 60-Minutes of Total Bliss With a Tension-Releasing Massage” the deal was $35, valued at $70.  The massage was to be at Croydon Physiotherapy and Pilates Studio (SA) and they did not know I was reviewing them so I was treated like a normal customer.

Firstly, I found it easy to redeem my voucher on the day I wanted (they were flexible with booking times and I didn’t have to wait months for them to fit me in) and was even offered an ‘after voucher deal’…so I have booked in for another massage in a fortnight!

Croydon Physiotherapy and Pilates Studio is located on a busy main road but parking is securely tucked behind the building. As for being situated on a main road, once inside you’d never know. The building had a warm and inviting feel to it.

Croydon Physiotheraphy and Pilates Studio

Staff were friendly and very helpful. On arrival I had to fill out a form with some details and my wait was only brief before the Massage Therapist was ready for me.

The room I was taken to had a lovely vibe to it, dimly lit with relaxing music in the background. The actual massage was AMAZING!!! I asked for the ‘Deep Tissue Massage’, so after stripping down and relaxing on the bed I was covered in warm towels and the parts being massaged were covered in oil. I could feel each muscle relax and my mind unwind within moments. My therapist could feel the extra tension I was carrying on my right side without me saying a word. For her to be able to point that out made me confident she was experienced in her job.

After the massage I was told I’d feel tender on my right side tomorrow but would feel better the following day. I was also advised to drink plenty of water to flush toxins, especially if I felt dizzy.

Overall I shall be using Spreets for vouchers and definitely going back for another massage (and probably a few more) in the future. Bliss !!!

Croydon Physiotheraphy and Pilates Studio
214 South Rd, Croydon SA 5008

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