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For those of you who are wondering, what exactly is fair trade? Fair trade is about helping to create quality work conditions, trading partnership, raising awareness, local sustainability and better prices for workers/farmers in the developing world.

The Dharma Door was founded by Shannon Sheedy, who sees fair trade as her personal dedication. The company is truly passionate about what they support and ensure that proper human rights, fair wages, safe and clean working conditions are used at all times. There is a range of rather beautiful, high-quality hand-made products, created by talented artisans based in Vietnam,Bangladesh and Cambodia. The range consists of a selection of bags and totes, book bags, bookmarks, cushions, table wear, stationary, and much more.

The Dharma Door company goal is to help people gain access to skills training, health care, education and community development for a better way of life.

the dharma door

My favourite item of the eco-friendly range would have to be the large selection of book bags which can be used to store books, magazines, A4 documents, ipads and journals. I’m the proud owner of the Mandalay Blue Book Bag which is made from sustainable jute and natural cotton fabric. You can expect when purchasing a book bag –

–          A selective range of quality designs and colours

–          Matching bookmarks and notebooks are also available

–          Hand-printed on azo-free dyes

–          All ethical information is printed on the inside flap of the bag, meaning no plastic packaging or printed labels

–          Fair trade + fair wages and better working conditions for the women who produce the book bags in Bangladesh.

By purchasing from the Dharma Door range you too are also helping support fair trade.

RRP – The Mandalay Blue Book Bag I own retails for $26

Stockists – Visit for all stockist information

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