ALFAPARF MILANO Precious Oil Tradition

ALFAPARF MILANO is a new brand in my beauty cabinet, they first caught my attention as a contributor to our Beauty and Lace Goodie Boxes (with a different, yet equally brilliant, product in their range – not this one) and now I have been using their Precious Oil Tradition for my hair.

There are two versions of this product, with their Absolute Oil and Light Absolute Oil. The regular version is for all hair types, and the light oil is for blonde or fine hair.

I dye my hair blonde and I find that some hair oils can make the colour look a little dirty so the light version is ideal. Both products help to combat the frizz and that dreaded “moisture in the air” that comes hand in hand with winter.


The glass packaging is elegant and makes you feel as if the product within has to be high quality…and it is. Fair trade prickly pear oil is their wonder ingredient, the seeds it comes from are cold pressed so all the natural goodness remains. The benefits of prickly pear oil include antioxidants, moisturising properties and the ability to replenish your hair.

Besides prickly pear oil, the Precious Oil Tradition has natural formulations and is free from parabens, preservatives, colourings and allergens.

You may be starting to feel a little overwhelmed by all the hair oils on the market, but this one is definitely worth trying (especially if you have blonde hair) as your hair will feel shiny and it will make styling much quicker and easier.

Precious Oil Tradition has an RRP of $39.00 for 100ml. You only need a small amount so a bottle should last you quite some time.

For your nearest stockist please phone: 03 9336 2088

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