Sponsored Video: River Island Vogue Off

Fashion label River Island have created an interactive new ad campaign which will certainly put a smile on your face, and maybe even some tears if you are in the mood for laughing!

Usually models appear to be sultry and sophisticated but not this time – these beautiful people are doing the Lolly Locomotion and the Catch of the Day, complete with a choo choo and good old fashioned fishing moves.

river island

Ryan, Marloes, Eliza, Sid, Jacod and Alejandra are the featured models / “dancers” doing the Vogue Off – all complete with perfect hair, perfect clothes…but not so perfect moves.

The brand has put the fun into fashion with this little dance star offering, and it is not often that you can actually enjoy an advertisement. Take a look at the video here to see for yourself:

This may be a sponsored post but I’ve still watched it multiple times due to the cool factor.

What makes the River Island Vogue Off campaign so interactive is the Facebook application, you can insert your own face onto one of the models bodies. You will be Shaking What Your Mama Gave Ya in no time OR a Polaroid Picture if that’s more your thing (which are just two more of the quirky dances seen in the video).

The dances are even more hilarious if you or your friends are the ones doing them…plus, your body will look better than ever before!

river island

The River Island brand is a popular fashion label for men, women and children which has been around for over 60 years. They are based internationally but ship to over 100 countries worldwide and are loved for both their on trend fashion and affordable price points.

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What is your most embarrassing dance move?

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