Review: Brightly – We Were In Tokyo and Then We Woke Up

I recently interviewed Charlie from Brightly, and since then I have been listening to the double-A side ‘We Were In Tokyo & Then We Woke Up’ so I thought I’d try and tell you a bit about it.

I can’t really call this an album review, it is a 2 track CD single really, but I can review the music and tell you that it’s available at Bandcamp, iTunes and the bands website – as well as their shows.

Brightly sums up the sound quite well actually. The electronica really brightens the sound and makes it fun, I don’t know if you could have a track that wasn’t. It’s a sound that doesn’t seem to take itself seriously, regardless of the lyrics.


This quote from the Brightly website is the way they have described this recording:

“We Were In Tokyo & Then We Woke Up” is a late night fist fight, eager to please and desperate to find meaning.

It is enthusiastic, energetic and samples screaming children from a domestic Australian flight. But I have listened and listened and I can’t hear the screaming children – I can hear children but it sounds to me like they’re laughing but that could have more to do with my children than the recording!

Definitely an interesting taste of the Brightly boys that has left me eagerly anticipating a more substantial release.

Track Listing

1. Tokyo
2. & Then We Woke Up

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