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It’s getting close to that time of year again, that special day that we spoil our mums to let them know just how special they are to us and say thanks for all the things they do for us throughout the year – the big things and the little things.

Oh My Giddy Aunt, one of our favourite online stores, has got what you need this Mother’s Day – and every other day, too. There is such a fabulous range of keepsakes that are going to hold a special place in the heart of anyone you gift, and many of them can be personalised to really tell your story.

The range of items is amazing and there is sure to be something for every kind of mother, as well as every mother figure, so you really can spoil anyone that you want to tell how special they are! Because of the wide range it was rather difficult to decide what to focus on for you here so I’ll tell you a bit about these selected pieces but you really need to head over to Oh My Giddy Aunt and check out the rest of the range for yourself.

In the spirit of Mother’s Day let’s start with something very much celebratory of family that I think is just gorgeous.

The Queen Bee’s Honeycomb out of the Honey Bee range. This gorgeous pendant comes in Sterling Silver or 9ct Gold and can be personalised with up to 6 birthstones, so you could put all the kids in there. The honeycomb is strong and stable so it won’t matter how many of the holes are empty. This honeycomb is designed in a flower shape so it looks gorgeous with stones or without, and there is a little queen bee sitting at the edge and overseeing her hive, just like the queen bee of every family does – checking that all her children are doing well. The bee can also be gold or silver so you can mix and match your precious metals. Pendant with bee starts at $114.95

oh my giddy aunt

The Honey Bee Range continues with the Queen Bee’s Honeycomb Rings. The premise is the same as with the pendants but the rings allow you to stack rings together to make a connected tower of family, ever expanding your hive. The holes need not all be filled and for the rings you can add up to 7 birthstones with a bee or 9 if you don’t want the bee. This would be a good idea for the bigger family, or for grandma who could collect and stack rings for all of the branches of the family. The choices are endless here because you could mix and match your bands, mix and match your bees or even not have bees on all of the bands. Such fun you could have designing the perfect one of these. The basic sterling silver ring starts at $99.95

oh my giddy aunt

And for both of these Honey Bee items, if you need to add stones down the track don’t hesitate to call then and I’m sure they will do all they can to help.

Next we have the Blue Turtles Wildflowers pendant Long Drop, this is the gorgeous gift of flowers that never need to be thrown out, will never wilt and wither, and will become a treasured item long after real wildflowers become a distant memory. They come in three different varieties: Mixed bouquet, Red Pansies, Blue Forget Me Nots. These pendants are hand made in Mexico so no two will be exactly the same and they are 40mm long. Pendants are $39.95

oh my giddy aunt

If you like the Blue Turtles Wildflower pendant but you’re not sure about the shape there are other options. The round Wildflowers pendant also comes in Mixed Bouquet, Red Pansies or Blue Forget Me Nots and are hand made in Mexico. The pendants have a diameter of 28mm and are all unique. No two will be exactly the same which makes them that much more special. Tiny wildflowers are preserved in resin and set in sterling silver to become the gift of flowers to last a lifetime. The pendant is on a pendant loop and will look fabulous on a chain, leather or a cord (which need to be ordered separately). Pendants are $39.95

oh my giddy aunt

Another fabulous option is the BeBe Blocks Bracelet. It is simple, stunning and stylish all at once as well as being sentimental. For a different occasion it would be great for children as well. It comes in three different sizes but it is claspable at any point along the bracelet. They are customisable with BeBe Blocks, solid sterling silver or 9ct gold blocks measuring 6mm x 6mm x 6mm  that are customisable with initials on three sides and then a birthstone or natural diamond in side four.  The blocks are soldered into the chain so they they won’t slide around but they will rotate where they are. Starting price $99.95

oh my giddy aunt

The final item I want to tell you about today is the Puzzle Links Pendants, these fabulous pendants are cute, versatile and can convey such meaning in such a simple gesture. They measure 18mm x 26mm and are personalisable with 9 letters or 6 letters and a date. The links all actually do fit together so they send a beautiful message that everyone fits together, so if you are far away from your mum this Mothers Day this would be a perfect gift to symbolise that even over distance you’re a perfect fit in the family. This is something you could get together with your siblings and each get a link so that mum can wear the family above her heart at all times. Starting price $39.95

oh my giddy aunt

This is only a very small snapshot of the beautiful, personal and quite unique gift ideas that everyone’s favourite giddy aunt has on offer over at Oh My Giddy Aunt, go check it out I’m sure you’ll fall in love at least once.

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