New Yankee In King Arthur’s Court

The power of lightning has always been awe inspiring, and New Yankee in King Arthur’s Court is no exception. A freak lightning strike transports a poor farmer from his fields to the company of a King, a very well known king who sends him to embark on a quest.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to work through the 40 time management levels and successfully complete the challenges set for you.

There are crops to grow, gold to mine, goblins to chase off, spells to cast and trees to chop. Oh and you can’t forget the prisoners to free.

Alawar are a leader in casual gaming and they have done it again. This time management game is great for the casual gamer and it’s not too intensive. Great little escape from the daily grind.


The levels are actually confined to the one screen which surprised me a little with this game, these are outdoor scenes that are base camp sized and they all fit into the one screen. This works for me because I really don’t like not being able to see what is lurking just past the edge of screen.

The task sequence that you can queue seems to be quite impressive, I couldn’t give you an exact number but it certainly seemed to be a few – it would probably depend on how many workers you have running around helping out at the time.

There are 40 levels traversing what may be the British Isles, and set over 4 locations.

To help you on your quest there are 8 different buildings that you will need to erect to help get you through the levels and 6 spells. Be sure to make the most of your spells because they can mean the difference between making the level or not!

On-screen hints come in the form of a sometimes witty conversation between our newly transplanted farmer and Merlin, one of the Royal Advisors. They give some friendly instruction as to the best way to approach a level, and in some cases a little giggle as well.

But watch out because it’s not just the goblins coming to steal gold and kidnap your workforce, there are also animated skeletons scaring the workers and affecting their work as well as some mad thing that just raced across my screen and destroyed my watchtower but it was there and gone before I even got a good look so I can’t even tell you what it was.

Come on over and check out how a new age farmer organises a quest, with you at the helm.

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