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Forgive and Forget is the third and final book following Risking It All and Tangled Lives in the Risking It All trilogy by London author Stephanie Harte.

This novel, like the first two installments, is a fast-paced and gripping crime thriller with twists and turns. Since their gambling debt, Gemma and her husband Nathan’s lives have been a nightmare. They lost their home and became involved with gangster Alfie Watson, having to pay back his loan, which was doubled, and Alfie forcing Gemma to help in a heist job.

She is devastated that they will never be able to escape the hold Alfie has on them.

After being involved in a car accident that nearly took his life, Nathan awakens from a coma. Alfie insists Nathan stay at Darkwood Manor to recuperate and get the best possible care. Gemma doesn’t like the thought of being under Alfie’s roof. She knows there will be a catch and price to pay, she can no longer keep the secret about Luca and tells Nathan the truth.

How involved with Alfie was she and what else is she hiding?

Meanwhile Rufan Shehu, the head of the Albanian mob comes to Essex to open a new club Alfie is not happy and plans a turf war. He will do anything to run them out of town and seek revenge for the murder of his father many years ago. When so many lives are being pulled into his sinister plan, Gemma sees this as an opportunity to form different allies and escapes to France with Nathan, Luca and Nathan’s parents. Will this be their new start they have longed for?

Harte has well developed characters that are loved and hated. I particularly liked Gemma’s character; challenging times faced her family and what she did for their freedom and safety made all the difference. She has courage and is relentless but also has a nice vulnerability to her.

There are so many layers to this story; family drama, romance, deceit, and suspense. It’s a fast-paced read, nicely written, with strong dialogue. I recommend this action-packed and wonderfully sinister novel. A fabulous ending to the Risking It All Series.

Thanks Beauty and Lace and Head of Zeus for the opportunity to read and review.

ISBN: 9781800246041

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