6 Ways To Get Long Flowing Locks Before Your Big Day

Long flowing locks can take years to grow, but what if there was a hidden secret? With serums, hair masks and specialised shampoos all designed to help you achieve your dream hair, this is just one of the ways that you can look and feel great on your big day. In this article, we will be providing you with 6 ways that you can get long flowing locks ahead of your wedding day. 

Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day

Though it may seem tempting to wash your hair every day, it is important to keep your hair washing to every other day as this will help your hair to retain natural oils. By using a sulphate free shampoo and conditioner you can keep the hair looking great without stripping it of natural oils that could lead to additional damage over an extended period. 

Avoid Styling With Heat 

In addition to this, styling with heat can lead to the hair becoming broken or damaged. By avoiding heat, you are helping to maintain moisture in the hair and preventing thinning or fall out around the hairline as well as split ends. However, if you see an abnormal amount of fallout continuing, it is important to look into hormonal imbalances as well as genetics that could be causing this issue. Though avoiding heat will help to prevent these symptoms from worsening, visiting a hair transplant UK clinic can provide you with a longer-lasting solution that will keep you looking and feeling great before during and after the wedding. 

Get Regular Trims 

Though avoiding heat is a gradual way of reducing damage done to your hair, getting regular trims can help the hair to look more alive as well as reduce the look of dead ends. By removing the dead parts from the end of the hair, you can then begin to care for the hair and encourage it to grow. Regular trims should be had every six weeks to ensure the best possible result and keep the hair looking healthy ahead of the big day, particularly if you have had it coloured. 

Maintain Moisture At All Times 

Conditioner is your best friend ahead of your big day as it can keep your hair looking healthy as well as encourage it to grow. This is key when looking to have long flowing locks as conditioned hair that is not brittle can be styled much easier making this perfect for your big day. In addition to this, conditioned hair will also be able to support clips and other accessories without causing additional damage to the hair. This is key when looking to create the perfect wedding hairstyle as your hair will need to have grip. 

Try All-Natural Hair Masks 

Though there are a number of hair masks on the market, you can do no better than making your own. Whether you opt for a banana hair mask or one with mashed strawberries, this can all help to clean the scalp and encourage the growth of strong hair. This is key leading up to the big day as you want your hair to look the best it can be without damaging the scalp or causing irritation. 

Why Not Try Hair Vitamins? 

The final way that you can grow long hair ahead of your big day is through hair vitamins. With a number of vitamins available in Superdrug and Boots as well as companies such as Sugar Bear Hair, you can provide your hair with all the vitamins that it needs in order to grow. This will help to fix the issue of hair growth from the inside and should be used alongside shampoos, conditioners and serums to ensure the best possible results. 

With a number of different tips and tricks to help you grow long luscious hair ahead of your wedding day, we are sure that you will get the best possible results by incorporating some of these mentioned above into your everyday routine. Which will you be trying first? 

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