9 Ideas For An Incredible Wedding

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Wedding planning can be an incredibly exciting journey to take, but it can also be one of the most stressful. With so many different things to organise it’s important you’re staying as on top of things as you can be, booking absolutely everything well in advance. Whilst it may seem a little over prepared, it will help you create the best possible wedding experience you can have.

On that note, there are so many things you can organise that will help your wedding stand out from the crowd. From fun photobooths to creative photographers, you want to sure ensure you’re doing everything you can to make your special day a day to remember. With that in mind, here are 9 tips for an incredible wedding:

Stick To A Theme

One of the most important things you can do when planning your wedding is choosing a theme to stick to. Whether it’s an overall decor theme, a colour scheme or a theme that affects the entire wedding – you need something to tie all of the little details together. Once you’ve chosen a theme it will be much easier to make decisions, as you’ll be able to decide whether or not something is worth it based on whether or not it fits in with your theme. For a guide on choosing a wedding theme, you can visit this site here.

Send Out Creative Wedding Invites

Another great way to build excitement about your incredible wedding before it’s even started is to send out really creative wedding invites. Whether your guests have to solve a riddle to attend or whether they have to find the message in the bottle, doing something creative will give your guests a good idea about what to expect when they arrive at your wedding – especially if you hint towards your theme!

Think About Choosing A Unique Location

Although a lot of people want to get married in a church or have their reception in a local stately home, there are so many other locations you can host your wedding for a unique experience. Whether you choose to get married in a tree house, on a remote beach or in a castle – your guests will absolutely love the detail that has gone into choosing the perfect venue.

Hire A Photobooth And Encourage Your Guests To Get Involved

A great way to create excitement at your wedding is to hire yourself a photo booth where everyone can take their own photos. Not only will guests be able to take their photos home with them, but they’ll also be able to post their photos to social media. Make sure you have lots of props ready for them to take some incredibly silly photos!

Create A Wedding Hashtag

Another way to encourage people to post to social media and a way to keep track of all the photos after your wedding is to create a wedding hashtag! This means whenever anyone posts a photo from your wedding you will easily be able to find it without having to search through every single guest’s photos. Whilst most will tag you, this is also a great way for people that didn’t attend to see all of the photos and videos from the day. For tips on setting your wedding hashtag, you can visit this guide here.

Get Creative With Your Guestbook

There are lots of creative ways to create a guestbook now that more often than not, people don’t opt for the standard sign and thank you. Whether you ask people to take a photo as they arrive, ask them to write you a poem or ask them to draw you a self-portrait – being as creative as you can definitely make the viewing so much better when you take a look after your wedding day is over. We promise!

Consider The Best Flowers For Your Theme

If you’re sticking to a strict theme then it’s important you’re also thinking about the flowers in which you have. Whilst they may not seem like they make much of difference, they’re a great way to tie your theme together. Whether you have stunning peonies, romantic roses or gorgeous lilies – you want your flowers to just as impressive as your big day.

Choose An Incredible Photographer

Whilst having an incredible photographer is a given, finding someone that will encourage you to take creative photos is incredibly important. Everyone has seen the same wedding photos over and over again, so opting for someone that can go in a different direction will really help you remember the day. Make sure you do your research and meet with as many potential photographers as you can, as you need to be sure you like their style and the work that they do.

If you’re struggling to find a wedding photographer that you like, why not consider going further afield and paying their expenses to travel to you? Whilst it may not be something they would usually do, it may be something they consider if you’re a great fit for each other. Alternatively, you can visit your local wedding fayre to meet photographers that you may not have heard of before. This is handy for those that want to meet people without having to set up lots of meetings in order to meet face to face.

Set Up A Kids Table To Keep Little Ones Occupied

If you know there are going to be lots of children attending your wedding then you may want to consider setting up a table to help keep them occupied. Whether it’s a creative table where they can make something to take home or it’s a table where they can play games with each other – keeping them busy will allow mums and dads to have a good time.

For a guide on creating an incredible kids table at a wedding, you can visit this handy blog post here. With lots of ideas and inspiration, you can’t go wrong.

Are you looking for ideas to ensure your wedding is the best it can possibly be? What plans do you have in mind? Let me know in the comments section below.

One thought on “9 Ideas For An Incredible Wedding

  1. Great advice there. When I was first married, I remember I said no kids but my parents said I couldn’t have a wedding without some nieces/nephews/cousins and friend’s kids. They were paying so I guess it was for them to decide but those kids that did come to the wedding, sat at their own table and were so well behaved throughout the whole night. Ages would have been from 8 down to 3.

    They actually loved being at the wedding and when they got older, said it was the only wedding that they were invited to when they were kids.

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