TIGI Bed Head For Men

Give him some pampering this Father’s Day with his own grooming products from TIGI Bed Head for Men. Packaged in brown and silver, the range is packed with hair and shaving goodies which he will want to use everyday. Style, wash and groom…he will be looking sleek in no time, no matter what his style.

The Wise Up Scalp Shampoo is refreshing and will get his scalp fresh and clean. It comes with charcoal and caffeine offering a revitalising boost every time he uses it. If you prefer, go for the Charge Up Thickening Shampoo which has an exhilaratingly masculine scent. This is for those men with hair which is thin and in need a bit of extra volume.

When it comes to shaving, we have two top picks from the range, the first is Smooth Mover (I’m tempted to try this on my legs) which is a rich shaving cream. Once the face has been splashed with some warm water, this is applied evenly before shaving. This will be complemented by the Balm Down, a cooling aftershave which will be calming to freshly shaved areas. If he likes the scent and the feel of it on his skin (he will), he can even use this on those days when he isn’t shaving.

For the moustached male, the Mo Rider will be his new grooming essential to get his styling just right. He can finish his look with the Matte Separation Workable Wax for his hair (hubby has already nicked this one prior to me writing this, his new fave), to keep his cut in place all day long.

There are so many products in the range to choose from, and this Father’s Day you can hand pick your favourites for a gift he will actually use.

For more information and to find your closest stockist, please visit: www.tigi.com/au/

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