User Review: The Food Crafters Cookies

Sitting here looking at the blank screen I am a little stuck on where to start… my cup is empty and my desk is littered with empty cookie packets.

I am a lover of cookies, and let’s be honest here… biscuits, cakes and chocolate. I love the ones that melt in your mouth or are perfect to dunk in a cup of coffee. But I don’t have any food intolerances. What I do have is extra weight that I would like to shift.

Food intolerances can make life for cookie lovers difficult and often a gluten free label does not necessarily mean a healthy product. We, as consumers, are often led to believe that gluten free is a better alternative but what can be delivered is empty calories and little of nutritional value.

The Food Crafters decided that gluten intolerant people shouldn’t have to miss out on the treats they love and set out to create a range of cookies satisfying both dietary and sweet-tooth needs. Natural, healthy Australian ingredients were sourced for a product meeting dietary requirements, high on taste and offering nutritional value.

The Gluten Free range of cookies by The Food Crafters  combines honey, stevia, blackstrap molasses and dry fruits to create a high fibre product with a much lower sugar content.

Three delicious flavours are available in The Food Crafters cookie range: Raw Cacao, Double Coconut and Ginger and Date.

To ensure no one misses out on great taste, The Food Crafters have developed the cookie range to be suitable for anyone who is coeliac, gluten-intolerant, suffers from allergies or is looking for a healthy alternative to satisfy their sweet tooth!

I have been fortunate to taste test all three flavours this week, hence the cookie wrappers littering my desk.

Generally I like cookies that melt in my mouth but The Food Crafters range aren’t designed that way. The Food Crafters cookies are a little bit crumbly and chewy with quite an interesting texture. These are definitely not one of the gluten free cookies that taste a little like cardboard.

The flavours are well balanced and the slow bake process offers a texture that is a little gritty but also quite soft and chewy. A perfect accompaniment to a hot drink on these cold wintry days.

Ginger and Date is probably the flavour that I was most sceptical about. I can be a little dubious about date and I don’t like my ginger to be too strong. This cookie was delicious, it wasn’t too crunchy and I was able to break off perfect bite sized pieces. There were different textures but it all combined for a tasty afternoon treat. And this is tho only one that I can say for sure passed the toddler test, because I didn’t share the other two.

Double Coconut was delicious. No nut chunks but nicely textured and with different textures. Chewy and not too crunchy it was easy to break into pieces without crumbling everywhere. The coconut flavour is strong but not overpowering and there didn’t seem to be those annoying coconut bits that get trapped in your teeth.

Raw Cacao, the chocolate cookie, I may have left it until last to talk about but I ate it first. A nice chocolate flavoured cookie that satisfies the cravings without being too sweet or too full on. Chewy and easy to break but not crumbly. These are a sweet treat that will tame the cravings while still offering a nutritious high fibre snack.

The Food Crafter Cookies are available in IGA and select health and independent food stores.

RRP: $3.80 (50g Individual cookie)
RRP: $9.10 (125g 12-pk cookies)

For more information you can find The Food Crafters on Facebook and The Food Crafters.

Thanks to The Food Crafters and Wordstorm PR 25 of our Beauty and Lace Club members are taste testing a couple of cookies and you can read what they thought in the comments below.


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