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Recently Beauty and Lace have been trying out some magnificent Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies mug desserts that are designed for the gluten conscious.

Melinda’s make gluten free fun and delicious, you don’t have to be restricted to cardboard tasting boring treats while you steer clear of gluten anymore and the results are amazing.

Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies has been a leader in developing baking premixes for the Australian marketplace. It is a brand that prides itself on providing delicious tasting products that everyone can enjoy. Melinda’s has delivered many industry firsts to the Australian market place in their range of gluten free premixes and now they have joined the current trend for mug desserts.

Dessert in a mug is a simple and super fast option that is sure to satisfy the sweet cravings of the family and is served in less than 5 minutes, what more could you ask.

A selection of our lucky members are trying two of the flavours in the delicious mug range and you can find out what they thought in the comments below.

The range includes, and is making me extremely hungry and jealous just thinking about:

  • Lemon Mug Puddings
  • Maple Syrup Mug Puddings
  • Choc Fudge Mug Brownies
Choc Fudge Mug Brownies_1 copy
All three of these products come in a box of 4 serves, they are egg free and with small substitutions can be dairy free too. There are only 2 ingredients that need to be added to the premix, the same for all varieties, and it’s a simple process.

I would be tempted to have one of the children make this for me, and it’s simple enough they could do it with ease.

I can’t wait to hear what our readers have to say about them. They are easy to personalise if you like the idea of extra fruit and nuts (or chocolate chips in my case) and all you need is a mug and a spoon. The mug needs to be at least 225ml to ensure that you don’t have overflowing explosions, which is something I was always concerned about when making mug cake.

Maple Syrup Mug Puddings copy

These mixes are designed to both rise and fall when in the microwave so don’t freak out too much while you are watching and waiting for that explosion. Unless you have a super high wattage microwave, then you should cook in 30 second bursts with a little break in the middle for the mix to settle.

Remove the mug from the microwave and your dessert will settle, leaving room for cream or ice cream to top off the tantalising taste bud teaser.

For more information on Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies please visit the website at Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies

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