KEUNE Care Line – Keratin Smoothing

While I have seen the range of KEUNE hair products sitting on the shelves of my hairdresser for as long as I can remember, it has only been the last few weeks that I have given my hair the pleasure of using them at home.

The range I have been testing is the Care Line Keratin Smoothing, with a shampoo, conditioner and treatment being used on my hair which was suffering from dryness and was difficult to style. The secret is keratin which penetrates the strands of your hair, and although my hair did feel softer and silkier after the first use, I think you really need to use these a few times before you start to see a significant difference – and I have noticed a difference.

My hair is stronger and less prone to frizziness, which makes straightening a much quicker and easier process. I love that my hair is gradually getting healthier and it is losing that dryness.


Out of the range I feel like one product I now can’t live without is the KEUNE Care Line Keratin Smoothing Treatment (pictured), it is beautiful on your hair and is definitely the stand out (although all products do compliment each other). It only takes 5 minutes to work its magic and is one for the cold winter months. As I dye my hair blonde I shampoo once with the shampoo and once with my regular blonde shampoo and it is a system that has been working well.

The Care Line Keratin Smoothing comes in grey and pink and all the products not only strengthen and rejuvinate but protect as well.

For someone who isn’t always kind to their naturally curly hair with dying and straightening, this is a way I can manage the damage and once my tubs run out I will be buying more!


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