WIN 1 of 5 Strega Estetica Amino Keratin Treatments

Its time to spring clean your hair with the newly launched Strega Estetica Amino Keratin, an intensive fast action heat activated treatment that instantly impacts 12 life-restoring benefits to the hair, creating soft, manageable and hydrated hair with incredible shine.



  1. Amazing shine
  2. Repairs damage
  3. Rehydrates dry hair
  4. Reduces frizz
  5. Weightless silk effect
  6. Reduces tangling
  7. Thicker fuller feel
  8. Reduces split ends
  9. Increases tensile strength
  10. Rejuvenates tired colour
  11. Lasts for weeks
  12. Improves styling and blow-dry results

Each product is valued at: $34.95 Size: 160ml

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We have 5 to give away. For your chance to win one tell us in the comments below which benefits your hair needs most and why!


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145 thoughts on “WIN 1 of 5 Strega Estetica Amino Keratin Treatments

  1. I would so love to try this new product I have horrible frizzy hair and can’t seem to find any products to tame my unruly locks, have spent so much money on different products that claim to reduce frizz and rehydrate hair this is why I would love to try thanks

  2. Damage repair, yeah yeah!

    I am desperate to find a treatment which will prevent my brittle strands breaking whenever I wave a wide-tooth comb in their direction, this sounds fantastic!

  3. Definitely the lock in of hair colour for longer, whilst maintaining luscious waves.. The advantage of having a fuller look n feel to my dull hair

  4. My hair seriously needs to be rehydrated and defrizzed. After a long winter spent indoors next to the heater (or outside in the freezing cold), it needs some TLC to get it back to it’s spring best

  5. Would love to give this a whirl lord knows I’ve wasted so much money on products that did nothing for my frizzy,fine,foiled tinted hair this would be welcomed with happy hair!!

  6. As my hair is ‘baby fine’ I am never able to grow it long as the ends snap off whilst it is still quite short. Another problem is when the weather is humid I have quite a bit of frizz happening

  7. Thicker fuller feel. My hair is very long but sadly very fine. Im so envious of those lucky ladies that had amazing thick hair. All my dreams of being Rapunzel will certainly benefit from me using this product.

  8. Repairs damage – having not dyed my hair in over ten years, then dying it and the product not delivering the colour it was supposed to, then another dye to try and fix it and that not working. I need some serious repair to the damage that has been done.

  9. The ‘Weightless silk effect’ because my hair is so wiry that it stands out it all directions of its own accord. It would be nice to have it all lay in the same direction for a change!

  10. Since taking fertility drugs my hair is frizzy, split, dry and unmanageable. They changed my already thin hair from having a few ‘kinks’ to being a part of me I hate seeing and having to deal with.
    I try to just put it up in a clip and not look at it. Using the straightener just makes the damage and problems worse. Please help

  11. Gee, do i need a spring clean with my frizzy hair, my hair is naturally curly but it’s all over the place. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  12. “No! She’s coming at me with the hairdryer again Aargh! Run!” And so my hair does, frizzing in all different directions. So while I would love a weightless silk effect my hair, alas, would rather see me with improved styling and blow-drying capabilities.

  13. I love the fact that this product can do so much, especially a thicker fuller feel, as my hair is fine. Also that it reduces split ends and rejuvenates tired colour; all things my hair does. Would love to try this product 🙂

  14. This product sounds like the “Holy Grail of Hair Products”….and I desperately need this. My hair is coping with regular colouring, blow-drying and effects of strong medications galore (I rattle) and chronic ill health – which have all taken a toll on my hair.
    My hair now is thinning, splitting, super-dry and out-of control frizz.
    I would love this hair product to help me fight the frizz, rehydrate my straw, create thicker looking hair, allow my colour to last longer and the icing on the cake – a brilliant shine. I would be one happy chicky if I could correct these problems.

  15. Repairs damage because i swim a lot and the chlorine damages my hair.
    Weightless silk effect because i have long hair and sometimes it feels heavy especially towards the end of the day.
    Reduces tangling because i have long hair.
    Thicker fuller feel because my hair is thin.
    Reduces split ends because i tend to brush my hair when it is wet.
    Rejuvenates tired colour because with over 50% grey, i colour my hair every 6 weeks.
    Lasts for weeks because i dont have time to spend too much effort on my effort every day.

  16. Being a busy working mum, I can’t afford the time or money to duck off to the hairdressers nearly as often as I should! My colour is looking faded and tired, my hair is frizzy and often feels brittle, styling usually dries it out more and sometimes it makes my hair have a mind of it’s own instead of taming it! I would LOVE to have the opportunity to try this and make one aspect of my day to day a bit more under control!

  17. Repairs damage – This product sounds like the perfect solution to restoring my pink hair back to it’s former silky condition and to forever banish that straw broom look and feel my hair seems to have adopted lately!

  18. I should’ve listened to Mum about not going blonde… Why did I think I could do it myself at home?!
    My mess needs moisture and repair to get out of despair.

  19. My hairdresser thinks that my thick hair is wonderful except that it takes so long to dry. The down side is my hair has a tendency to be quite dry and my hair straightener really is my best friend to reduce the volume and wavy bits. Strega Estetica Amino Keratin would be just the answer to my dilemma. The following definitely apply!

    1.Amazing shine
    2.Repairs damage
    3.Rehydrates dry hair
    5.Weightless silk effect
    6.Reduces tangling
    8.Reduces split ends
    9.Increases tensile strength
    10.Rejuvenates tired colour
    11.Lasts for weeks
    12.Improves styling and blow-dry results

  20. Thicker, fuller feel – so its not so noticeable that its thinning and will hopefully stay in place more despite the weather.

  21. Having very fine hair but a lot of it, I was silently boasting to myself that I hadn’t lost my hair after having children. But here I am two years on since stopping breastfeeding and I have lost my hair in great hoards. So to see that this product gives your hair a ‘thicker fuller feel’ is very much what I need.

  22. It would be easier to pick one I don’t need I have fine coloured curly hair it’s dry and dull and damaged from straightening so I think my hair needs everything on the list! Xx

  23. I would love something that reduces split ends. They happen to me so quickly and I’m terrible at remembering to get my hair cut.

  24. I’d love to try this out on my lack lustre hair. Most treatments weigh down my oily hair, but the weightlessness of this product sounds perfect for me!

  25. Strega Estetica Amino Keratin sounds like the cure for the deadly sins my hair commits! I have short hair that each day does it’s own thing. The only consistencies are thin, frizzy, damaged, dull, tangled and dry looking. One of the reasons I keep it short is at least the curls give it some character. Just rub it dry and off I go. Brushing or combing it doesn’t stop it sinning. If Strega Estetica Amino Keratin can fix this, it is a miracle in a bottle…..bring it on!

  26. After 5 rounds of IVF with no luck, my poor hair is in need of all 12 benefits. My hair is limp, dry, lacklustre, frizzy and in general poor health. I could really do with some TLC.

  27. I need Strega Estetica Amino Keratin because my hair is fine and flat and I need the wonderful volumising benefits the treatment provides!!

  28. I would like an effective treatment to make my fine, dry European hair healthy and luscious.
    I would like to try the Strega Estetica Amino Keratin treatments!!!!!

  29. I need “Thicker Fuller Feel” Just had a new hairdresser cut my hair and she decided to thin it out. Looks thin and lank. Never going there again.

  30. Getting bullied my whole life because of frizzy hair I know resort to chemical straightening once a year. You can only imagine what this is doing to my hair. This might be what I need to treat the damage

  31. My hair desperately needs the detangling as it develops knots all the time at the base of my neck and they are notoriously hard to get out. It also needs shine and hydration!

  32. This product sounds amazing as I have curly hair and it can be frizzy especially on a rainy day,sounds just the thing I need to remedy this!

  33. My hair is highly processed and I do use alot of products on it. So this would be the perfect item for my hair. As it has some many benefits and they all relate to things that I would love for my hair. I would love to see how good my hair would feel after using this amazing sounding products.

  34. Since menopause my hair’s struggled, It’s frizzy, dull and dry,
    I dream it’s silky smooth and healthy, Please give me Strega Estetica to try.

  35. I desperately need this product because a few months ago I visited a new hair salon. I’ve been gradually getting more and more greys but I was at one with them and them with me! However, my new stylist waved his hands in the air at the sight of them announcing to the world, “Oh Darling, you’re too young for those signs of wisdom!” and convinced me to colour my hair.
    I HATE IT! It’s the wrong colour (although it has lightened – thank God), it feels dry and when I wake up in the morning every strand is separated from the other and they’re all sticking up and out in all directions, like I’ve been electrocuted during my sleep! I’m even too scared to use the hair dryer in case I make it even more brittle. I’m thinking of finding a new use for my hair dryer to cheer myself up by sitting in my parked car and pointing the hairdryer at passing cars to see if they slow down!! Ha, ha!

  36. This product sounds like a miracle! I’ve fallen in love with having long locks but I need some TLC for my split ends so I don’t feel like I have to tuck them away in a bun!

  37. I recently went to get my hair cut after a long time, and the hairdresser said “Gee your hair is really dry and split on the ends” great way to make a girl feel good! So I would love to use this product to repair the damage, rehydrate my dry hair and reduce the frizz

  38. Gosh where do I start, I think I need all of those for my hair, it’s so wiry and frizzy from all the greys that I’ve been colouring for years and the colouring has made it so dry and lacklustre, so I think I’d love this product.

  39. Although I desperately need all twelve benefits, split ends are my bane and I always find myself checking my ends for splits and snipping them off- an excellent way to procrastinate.

  40. I want to walk down the street and catch my bouncy shimmering hair in the reflection of a shop window – weightless silk effect and amazing shine.

  41. My short, very curly hair has been coloured for half my life and in need of a product with benefits to reduce frizz, repair damage, reduce tangling, rejuvenate tired colour.

  42. I need some shine and frizz reduction because I want to be able to brush my hair without the frizz and the frizz brigs dullness

  43. Would love to try this product because I have long, dry hair, it’s past my bottom, so, as you can expect I don;t like getting it cut too often, subsequently I have loads of split ends. May be Amino Keratin would be a magical split end cure and help my hair to look luscious and shiny again.

  44. my hair falls out by the handful if it’s not breaking or splitting at the ends so Increases tensile strength sounds awesome to me

  45. Rejuvenates tired colour – I am obsessed with changing my hair colours to suit my moods so my hair has become dry, tired and brittle.

  46. As a busy mum I need all 12 benefits in this one fantastic fast acting product to keep my locks healthy and looking their best.

  47. My hair desperately needs repairing from all the bleaching and colouring I have done to my hair. Have recently cut it so get rid of some of the damage, but now I need some really good products to help me get through until it grows out and is cut away bit by bit.

  48. Thicker fuller hair I had my daughter 4 months ago and in the last few weeks my amazing pregnancy hair is falling out all over the place.

  49. I reckon 7 and 12. Thin hair, My hair is thin and fine, would be nice to have a thicker and fuller head of hair, on the other scale No. 12 Styling and Blowing. Would be nice, as I try and it never seems to work like the hair dressers. What do you do?

  50. I would love to see the hair repair benefits of this treatment!
    After years of sun, surf, sand and bleach my bottle blonde hair is starting to look a little worse for wear! Split ends, dry porous tresses and plenty of frizz are daily battles that I’d love to combat with the assistance of Strega Estetica Amino Keratin Treatment!
    Shine and weightlessness would just be icing on the cake!

  51. My hair has a mind of it’s own and is out of control, nothing works, so I would love to have this product

  52. being pregnant and about to have a baby in November, my hair is the most unhealthily it has ever been. So when summer comes around and everyone is looking good and I’m trying to lose “my baby weight” and have big black bags under my eyes from sleep deprivation, I can have fantastic hair

  53. Reducing split ends is the most important for me! My hair is damaged and weak from all the blow drying and straightening I do. It leaves my hair very brittle and in constant need of hair cuts. I desperately need this serum to leave my strands strong, healthy, and split end free!

  54. I am desperate to find a treatment which will prevent my brittle strands breaking whenever I wave a wide-tooth comb in their direction, this sounds fantastic!

  55. my hair is in desperate need of Strega Estetica Amino Keratin my hair is so brittle it breaks even when brushing it

  56. My hair needs almost all of those benefits, it is dry and lifeless, I would love to get amazing shine, reduce fizz, rehydrate my dry hair, reduce tangling and split ends and the results will last for weeks.

  57. My hair needs help desperately i have such dry and brittle hair, and the ends keep breaking, it also lacks shine and volume , all the benefits of this amazing product would help my hair and me please!!

  58. This would be great for my long hair as styling & blow drying everyday takes it toll. Need some shiny glam locks for the summer.Thanks.

  59. I’m so lazy when it comes to my hair that I need Strega Estetica Amino Keratin because it sounds like it will fix all my hair problems in one go!

  60. love to try it on my daughters hair it is very freezing and she would like to go to a hair dresser and get her hair chemicals to straighten but this would be good to try first thanks.

  61. Thicker fuller feel. Big, bouncy, beautiful hair that would give the 80’s a run for its money! Thats what I’m after…

  62. The dreaded TRIPLE Whammy
    I have recently coloured my hair Ombré with blonde on the ends
    After 2 colours I have
    Split ends
    Frizzy hair
    Damaged hair
    I like the look and want to keep it but don’t think I can keep it if I can not find a product to fix the damage it causes. Tried 2 products that have not worked so far fingers crossed I get the chance to try it and it will be third time lucky .

  63. My hair is so dry from the straitner. I have damaged ends and little broken short hairs around my fringe that I cannot get to grow!

  64. I’m of islander descent and my hair is naturally incredibly frizzy and dry and I’ve tried product after product but have yet to find one that solves my hair problems! After reading about your product I am very keen to try it because it sounds like the answer to my hair problems.

  65. After several years of colouring, blow-drying and styling my extremely fine hair, it is in need of some tender loving care with a product that would help rehydrate it and bring it alive again.

  66. Weightless silk effect and a thicker fuller feel as I have fine hait and the fact that is last for ages is a great benefit

  67. I have thick dry hair that frizzes easily, my head needs moisture and smoothness you can have the volume I have plenty of that

  68. My hair is desparate for the amazing shine that the Strega Estetica Amino Keratin Treatment can give. As a Business student, keeping tame hair is so important for tasks like presentations, but having a neat appearance also boosts my confidence to keep me shining, literally!

  69. 1 through to 9 as my hair lacks being divine. Frizzy and long, split ends everywhere it’s totally not fair. As the years go by it’s thinning out more and more, Keratin is an impressive product, I’d love to win it and wish you all good luck 😀

  70. My current treatment only lasts about as long as the hot water will run for! I need a treatment that will last for weeks!

  71. Just what the hair doctor ordered something to fight my Frizz, though my frazzled look may be due to my teething One year old, add to the list my thinning hair and dulled out colour (who has time!) your product sounds great for a time poor mum, and it lasts for weeks, ahhhh music to my ears……..!!!!!

  72. My hair is on life support and just bearly hanging on, I have tried numerous treatments with no results, now I’m terrified that without a miricle I will soon be saying my last goodbyes.
    With hope fading fast an angel in the form of Strega Estetica Amino Keratin treatment has appeared with 12 Life-Restoring benifits, I believe this is the cure I’ve been searching for. I suffer from all 12 of these issues so I know this product is just what my hair needs to finally begin to repair!!!

  73. I have Keratosis Pilaris which means I suffer from “woolly hair” (very scientific name, I know), which causes my hair to be dry, frizzy, wiry and it doesn’t take dye very well. I’ve tried everything to make my hair silky and smooth and nothing has worked, so I’d love to try this product and finally get the smooth glossy locks I’ve never had.

  74. Reduces tangling – according to my sweet Nanna, my hair is strapless, dangles free with prohibited imagination and I’m a gypsie, as it’s curls are matted. So I have to smooth and sleek it out!

  75. Would love this prize for my mother in law poor thing has had a rough trot going though chemotherapy he hair is starting to grow back now so this would be great for her

  76. I am always colouring my hair so therefore is extremely dry,plus its super thick and coarse and i really need something to control the frizz. I am constantly straighening my hair also. I am a natural red head and have always hated the colour as to why i colour my hair and have done so for the best part of my life. I used to work as a swim Instructor and the chlorine used to strip and dry my hair out something shocking and i have yet to find a hair product that controls and for once i would love to have soft lovely hair

  77. Reduces frizz – I have big wild frizzy hair. I blended in well in the 80’s but now frizz is not in. My facebook profile pic has been the same for the last 5 years because in that photo my hair looks ok. Time to update my hair and my photo.

  78. My hair needs moisture as it is full of split ends from bleaching and recovery from winter and it is very frizzy and dry

  79. rehydrates dry hair is the most important to me, because I get my hair coloured every four weeks, because I hate seeing the grey regrowth coming through

  80. Reduces frizz – with Summer coming up I’m about to look like the lovechild of Kramer from Seinfeld and Marge Simpson after sticking a fork in a powerpoint!!!!!

  81. I would love to try this I have such frizzy unmanageable hair after a bad hair cut my husband now calls me frizzy head, I would to be able to style my hair without it looking crazy. please please please

  82. Improves styling and blow-dry results, as it repairs, hydrates and rejuvenates my hair as it styles. It helps reduce damage from using heated appliances.

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