WIN THE VS for Men Lithium i-PRO™ Series

TAME YOUR BEAST – WIN THE VS for Men Lithium i-PRO™ Series and give Dad a makeover for Father’s Day!



Tatafu used the VS for Men Lithium i-PRO™ Intensive to craft a stylish on-trend hair cut worthy of a ROAR! He did it by harnessing the POWER of the Intensive’s heavy-duty 4.0V DC motor. With 3x more cutting power than a regular magnetic motor for an ultra powerful cut, it gave Tatafu the ultimate salon-even haircut quickly and easily and very commandingly. RRP: $132.95 3-year warranty

TATAFU then used the VS for Men Lithium PRO Face & Body Trimmer to SMOOTH his ROUGHER edges.

And he went to work quickly!  This Trimmer’s High Performance Powerful DC Motor with ultra powerful cutting action plus W-Tech Blades (with innovative moving blade geometry for increased durability and precision) meant he achieved a smooth and accurate finish ALL OVER in NO TIME. Its Cord/Cordless function with Lithium-ion Technology also meant he enjoyed sustained power performance for reliable cordless use, even at lower charge levels RRP: $89.95 3-year warranty.


Last but not least, the ingeniously designed VS for Men Lithium PRO Stubble with Lithium-ion technology meant Tatafu was totally ready for the LADIES! He was able to enjoy harder, faster, longer performances and ‘contour’ in comfort, thanks to the groomer’s ingeniously designed Contouring Flex Head. Tatafu with elegant stubble is no man’s match on a night out … or in … take it from us! RRP: $109.95 3-year warranty.

The VS for Men Lithium Pro Series also makes the perfect FATHER’S DAY GIFT. Choose one or all of these groomers and TAME your (much loved) BEAST!


DETAILS: WIN A TRIP FOR 2 TO SOUTH AFRICA. Prize also includes three nights in 4-star accommodation, one overnight safari adventure, and an unforgettable rugby experience.Competition starts July 14th and runs until August 31st 2014.

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For your chance to win all three groomers for Father’s Day, tell us in the comments section below why your dad (or partner) needs this prize!

Competition closes 02/09/14 midnight AEST. You must be subscribed to the Beauty and Lace newsletter OR a Facebook fan to enter. Make sure you use a valid email address so we can contact you if you are a lucky winner

Terms and conditions

– All decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
– Competition is a game of skill. Chance plays no part in determining the winner.
– Prize not negotiable, and cannot be exchanged or taken as cash.
– One entry per person
– Competition open to Australian residents only
– Entries are only valid if all required fields have been entered. No responsibility accepted for lost, late or misdirected entries.
– All entries become the property of Beauty and Lace. Your details will not be given or sold to any third parties unless required for claiming of the prize.
– We reserve the right to make changes to the prize and competition if required.
– Winners will be notified by email

161 thoughts on “WIN THE VS for Men Lithium i-PRO™ Series

  1. My son loves to look his best and grooming is something he takes pride in so this would be an incredibly useful prize for him to own

  2. My son in law would love this prize his old clippers should be in the bin he likes the stubble look so these would be ideal

  3. My partner loves to rock a beard but once it gets to a certain length he like to give it a tidy and trim and uses my trimmer on the end if my razor, I think he needs his own!

  4. My husband deserves this shaver because he is a hard worker who provides the best for our family, he loves and accepts me and our children for who we are and for the decisions we make he stands beside us.

  5. my teenage son needs this, he turns 16 in 4 weeks and is quite scared of using a razor to shave his face, but it’s getting too long to keep leaving it!

  6. Beards – gravel rash is not my idea of a lovely smooch from hubby. It may make him look debonair and sophisticated but even the kids can’t stand a cuddle. Itchy, scratchy – let’s leave it to the hot Hollywood heart throbs to invoke the senses. Clean and smooth as a babies bottom is my perfect idea for hubby. What better encouragement than this terrific macho prize for Father’s Day – leaving us all happy.

  7. My man looks like an ape,
    Which gets on my grate.
    Being groomed,
    Would have me saying,
    Va Va Voom thanks to VS Sassoon

  8. My other half tends to think his bearded bushman look is highly attractive… I don’t have the heart to tell him he resembles a bedraggled hermit but perhaps this awesome grooming kit would give him the hint! 😉

  9. because i am fed up with his beard and i wear the pants in the family and the beard needs to be gone (or trimmed right back) before christmas

  10. I don’t like gravel rash, neither do the children.
    I want to win this so he has one to take to work with him, no excuses then.

  11. Being a dirty tradie, my man deems it acceptable to let his beard overrun his face- particularly in the cooler months! A VS Sassoon grooming kit would give him no excuses, and allow me to have a boyfriend again for awhile- rather than a wolverine!

  12. my partner would love this prize pack as he loves taking pride in his appearance always borrowing my shaver etc.

  13. Hubby’s beard is looking scary,
    Thick, bushy and very hairy,
    Thanks to the VS for Men,
    We’ll be able to see his face again!

  14. Hubby so needs to upgrade his ancient clippers that takes chunks out of his beard and his hair looks like our toddler cut it. These would leave him looking well groomed and gorgeous

  15. A great prize to win for either my husband and my boys. All my men like to be clean shaven for their girls. A great razor is a MUST for any man to look the up most best. Can’t beat a better shaver

  16. My husband David is such a wonderful man. I would love him to win this prize, to say thank you for being my full time carer.

  17. Whiskers grow fast like weeds,
    A good trim up is what he needs.
    The VS for Men Lithium Pro Series,
    Makes his DIY grooming serious.

  18. My Son could do with some of these tools, some days he looks like a Hobbo and im pretty sure his partner doesn’t like it much either, he does look handsome when he gets around to it.

  19. My darling dad has just turned 60 and has changed his style to more trendy and cool (it does really suit him) and this would be a wonderful gift to give him, also make him know I approve of his new look 🙂

  20. My partner is resembling the Beast from beauty and the beast lets hope he has wins and gets him happy clean shaving ending

  21. Just because he acts like a grumpy old grizzly bear sometimes does not mean he needs to look like one.

  22. Dad has been using the same electric razor for 37 years. I’d be amazed the thing still works but it chops his face and beard up like a chainsaw. With more curves than a Victoria’s Secret model draped on a Ferrari, the VS shaver will convince Dad to upgrade to the 21st century.

  23. My 16 year old son needs this more than my hubby….he has just started shaving and I know by having a superior shaver he would do a much better job at it,

  24. My hubby could do with a tidy up, he’s looking a bit scruffy, so one of these would do the trick nicely.

  25. Dad has one good eye and one glass eye AND let’s my Mum shave his hair and shave his face daily. The VS could open both eyes into achieving both himself.

  26. My partner’s hair is curly and unruly. He has bits spouting out in all directions, with VS I could have him tamed with a quick once over

  27. Hubby likes to think he is fashionably chic with his “designer stubble” but the truth is I hate it, and he knows it, but I think it’s his one and only way of showing “power” over me.
    This gets me thinking and wondering why villains are mostly either stubbled or bearded! Why a hero is always cute without stubble! and why defence forces have made a clean shave face a mandate! Why does nearly every groom get clean shaved on his wedding day?!
    Now don’t get me wrong I love my husband. He loves me. But I just feel he is not clean. You know what I mean? He is never clean shaved EXCEPT when he visits his mother!
    To me, not shaving is a natural side effect of laziness that hubby seems “forced” to endure unless of course he received some fancy new toys from VS SASSOON that would send his wife over the moon!

  28. My husband really needs this prize ,our son pulled apart his old razor to try to fix it (it was already working at the time )Now he has not had a shave for weeks and I cannot stand the stubble

  29. My son needs this and to be honest really deserves something to make him feel and look great – he’s just flown to the UK to support his old school friends through the tragic loss of one of them. He can only afford a short time off work so will be back soon, exhausted physically and emotionally and in need of some TLC.

  30. This would be great for my partner for Father’s Day, it’d save us money buying razor refills as they are so expensive.

  31. My husband likes a short beard but is sick of sharing his old clippers with our kids (6 in total). He says he doesn’t like the idea of our daughters using his clippers on their underarms and private area and then him using it on his face. I suppose that is fair enough, but I just can’t justify buying a new pair when the old ones work fine!

  32. My husband needs this prize. With 4 daughters and one on the way, he is going to have lot less time in the bathroom to shave the old fashioned way!

  33. My hubby has to shave twice a week (for meetings with his boss) and lately I think his shaver is getting blunt because he’s getting mighty bloody!

  34. My husband needs this so he doesn’t have to bend down when the cord doesn’t stretch to shave his head

  35. i think this would be great for my my father-in-law as he is 85 and doesnt like to shave as much as he should

  36. He’s my diamond in the rough but he’s made of the right stuff.
    With a little help from VS, I won’t be able to get enough 😉

  37. My son just became a first time Dad…said its the best joy he’s ever had. But no energy to shave over and over again, he really needs a VS Sassoon for Men!!

  38. Every November my husband supports Movember by sporting the bushiest, prickliest mustache that he can muster. The VS for men package will enable him to trim his mustache into a masterpiece that Tom Selleck would be proud of.

  39. My husband has always cut his own hair, and upgrading to a new trimmer will be fantastic, considering the one we own has been in the family for 20+ years

  40. Husband says he doesn’t have time to stay clean shaved. You would be making the world a better place by letting me win this argument.

  41. After a life of continually looking at that moustache, he has agreed that it is finally time for it to go! Please help cement the loving loss of this 27 year old horror!

  42. both sons have moved out taking their trimmers with them, hense I have nothing to borrow now and am getting a bit furry around the edges this would be a blessing

  43. He is such a tightwad he hasn’t paid to get his hair cut for over 40 years – son was cutting dads hair when he was about 8 so I know his equipment (hair cutting!!) is old and shoddy….

  44. My Dad needs this ….he would actually probably need lessons in how to use it – he has only ever used manual shavers. He also has a weird genetic thing where his hair grows so fast (a problem most of us females would love to have) that if he left his face unshaven for a week or 2, he’d look like a completely different person and hairy!

  45. My husband hasn’t done any grooming lately; so he really needs a ‘hairy’ makeover NOW. It would be awesome if I could kick-start him with with a groomer set.

  46. To get the hint that I fell in love with and married a well groomed, manicured man, not the caveman he has evolved into with every passing year of marriage!!

  47. My husband, bless his hairy soul, has unruly sideburns and a pseudo-mullet that he thinks hides the fact that his hair is a bit thin on top. I think he would look so much better with a shaved head and neatly trimmed sidies. I’d love to show him how to work with what he has; The VS i-PRO series!

  48. With a razor caked with indescribable gunk, it is no wonder he has ‘wild randoms’ threatening me when he goes in for the goodbye kiss!

  49. Hunky stubble is a beautiful thing but out of control facial hair – not so much. My husband actually could be transformed with this amazing prize.

  50. I’m ready for hubby to be TRANSFORMED like Tatafu.
    The i-PRO™ Intensive to shave his disheveled locks, the PRO Face & Body Trimmer for his neck and shoulders (he’s a hairy guy!), and the PRO Stubble for a sexy midnight shadow. He’ll be the most dashing dad at our kindy Father’s Day lunch!

  51. Hubby is getting a bit shakey with the old hand razor so couldn’t think of a better present than this & save on bandaids.

  52. My partner has decided it’s a good idea to grow a beard. Trouble is its long, unkempt and ragged looking. This would be great so he can still have a beard but be nicely groomed and handsome.

  53. My partner likes to shave his head but our old clippers are almost dead. I shouldn’t have used them on the cat but sshhh we won’t go telling him that!

  54. I lost my Dad 7 years ago but this darling man became my adopted Dad. He is 86 years old and as sharp as a tack although his hearing loss is annoying to him and the battles he has with aching joints causing him pain. How wonderful it would be to gift him this wonderful VS set as even at 86 he takes a strong pride in looking and acting like a Gentleman. What a lovely way to be able to sat thank you for embracing me into his life.

  55. My husband would love this so he can properly manscape his beard, saving him time working on his stubble and spending more time with me

  56. My husband likes to look his best as evidenced by the hour he takes to get dressed. His current VS Sassoon is dying and he needs another to make sure his hair is not on his neck. He trims and shaves and preens himself each shower. He drives me crazy, so a new one may speed him up a little..

  57. VS Sassoon help me please
    I will beg and grovel get down on my knees
    My husband is hairy I tell no lie
    The prickles on his face make my baby cry
    The toddler runs when he asks for a kiss
    Even his wife is giving it a miss
    So restore peace to my once happy home
    In need of a shaver so please let one here roam

  58. My husband seems to think his beard is growing faster than ever since he turned 40 a few months ago. I think its just his shaver that is not as good as it used to be. Love for him to try a new one like this. Would like feeling his nice smooth soft cheek against mine again.

  59. How is it that a highly intelligent professional man who has great taste in clothes, compliments me on my appearance, just cannot see that the shaggy dog look went out in the ’80s or was that the 70’s! Please help me deboof my husband!

  60. My son is now seventeen and needs to look his best as he undertakes vocational placement as part of his senior schooling. It would also help him to start his grooming practice as he matures in age.

  61. My partner really needs this prize he is always using my razors I would love for him to he able to use his own and have a nice smooth face,

  62. Dad uses cheap razors to save money to spend on groceries etc, I would love for him to pamper himself for once 🙂

  63. My Dad looks like Danny the Yeti from Friends. It’s either bug spray him like Monica and Rachel did, or attack with this grooming range!

  64. My dad is such a cheapskate he goes mnths without a haircut then tries to cut his own hair with disastroous results. The VS for Men will mean I can give him a crewcut with ease on a regular basis!!

  65. As I prepare myself to walk down the aisle in November, I need as much help as I can get as your website member! My Dad is rocking an oversized bushy beard and I need this shaver to make sure all eyes are on me and not my family member!!

  66. Forget Dad! I need the VS for Men Lithium i-PRO™ Intensive much more than he does! And when is Uncles Day anyway??

  67. My hubby loves to have his hair short and neat and loves to have a stubble look (being a farmer) and this would be perfect as we live in the country and aren’t close to any barbers!! This would be perfect!!

  68. My husband really needs this, his grooming is so rugged that he seems to wear out his grooming equipment in no time, maybe VS would be a better product for him

  69. My husband is looking for a grooming system for longtime, being a stay at home mum I couldn’t afford one. This VS for men Lithium pro is a perfect gift for him this Father’s Day, wish I could win this and surprise him.

  70. As I prepare to walk down the aisle in November please help me as one of your members! My Dad’s sporting a thick, bushy beard and he needs this shaver so all eyes are on me and not his facial hair as I fear!

  71. Dad fancies himself a lumberjack sometimes, and it doesn’t go down well with Mum and I, help us give him no choice!

  72. My husband needs to win this prize so my girls and I no longer have to have itchy face kisses, spikey hair cuddles or have to look at crazy bear man!!

  73. I know my man needs the vs for men I-pro .
    As We call it facial hair, he calls it awesomeness escaping from his face.
    And his daughter would love to see the smooth and clean-cut man within instead of Bear Grylls!

  74. Old mate has a beard on him reminiscent of ZZ Top. In my 20 years of life I have never once seen him clean shaven and think it would be an absolute crack up to tame the beast!

  75. My husband and father of my children needs the Vs mens lithium package because it would shave time out of his busy day looking after his family.

  76. I don’t think my hubby’s razor is working anymore as his face looks more like a lion’s mane and I’d rather he look Very Sexy.

  77. Hubby goes through shavers. if he doesn’t shave everyday his skin gets irritated he needs a good shaver like a VS for men

  78. The VS for Men Lithium Pro Series would be amazing for my dad, we have tried so many different shavers and I have a very good feeling this one might be the one. The VS for men lithium pro will definitely keep my dad on the go!!

  79. My dad would appreciate the VS to eliminate the stress, appearing well groomed for a special occasion with mum , capturing some special moments that will be treasured together.

  80. Forget Dad or the partner, my son has turned into a cave-man since starting uni…. he needs saving from his cro-magnum self.

  81. Dad needs all the help he can get!
    We need help to change him from a hairy beast to a clean cut machine.
    VS for men, WE NEED YOU!

  82. Thankyou beauty and lace for giving me this opportunity to have the chance of winning the VS, my Dad just broke his $29 shaver from aldi he had for 5mths, the VS is quality and i’m sure it will last longer and give my dad’s face extra smoothness.

  83. My husband has been feeling the cold this winter and has grown an unruly beard I would love to give him a VS for Men Lithium i-PRO so he can feel good about himself

  84. My husband feeling cold this winter, has grown an unruly beard, a VS for Men Lithium i-PRO, he can feel good about himself once again

  85. My dad grooming habits have not been the best for years but i think it time to help him out but i would like to get give him a high quality product which can achieve like let say the VS for Men Lithium Pro Series would solve this problem. As i say when getting ruff give him the real stuff to get that look.

  86. My man is a “man’s man” who loves his rough and rumble so winning the VS for Men Lithium i-PRO Series could bring out his soft cuddly smooth side…purr…

  87. My son would be happy to be the proud owner of the Grooming Kit to keep his hair short and looking spot on

  88. My partner needs this bad as he loves having rd but he needs to style it as he is begining to look like a a rugid homeless man. 🙂

  89. My hubby’s current shaver is not doing its job. My daughter would not let him kissing her as it hurts her face. I certainly do not want to kiss an echidna’s face

  90. My partner would love to win one the VS for men lithium I-PRO
    His hair grows at some ridiculous pace and we are forever buying new shavers as they can’t handle his woolie mammoth beard 🙂

  91. The VS for Men Lithium I-PRO, would be the PREFECT, long lasting and reliable gift for my partners foot long red beard which he has been growing as bet with his mates since NYE 2013! Beard be gone with the VS for Men Lithium I-PRO kit!

  92. My husband needs the VS for men Lithium I Pro so his chin won’t look like a huge Afro, he can cut with precision, sculpt and trim, then I wouldn’t have to nag at him!

  93. VS for Men Lithium i-PRO™ Series would be great to win so my I can shave my face and get my wife to kiss me again.

  94. HELP!!! My partner needs to be pulled out of the ‘disposable shaver’ era and into the 21st century with the VS for Men Lithium
    i-Pro shaver.

  95. My huz needs a hair cut and his stubble is trouble. Between him and Tatafu – I think I’m seeing double! VS for Men Lithium i-PRO, can definitely tame my handsome beast though.

  96. Winning a VS for men would mean i no longer have to wash out my husbands stubble from my razor. Finally he can use one designed for him not to mention the fact his face would be smoother to touch and kiss.

  97. Hi there i would love this for my partner he really needs a nice shaver kit and he does so many beautiful things for me and id really like to give something back that he would like 🙂

  98. The vs for men lithium set would be wonderful for my husband, as he currently has 2 teenage boys that believe everything in the house can be shared!!! including his shaver. Something that he could then have for himself to maintain his “goatie” and moustache would keep him very happy.

  99. My Dad looks like Santa Claus. It would be cool if i was 6, however i’m 26… The beard has got to go Dad! Thanks Beauty and Lace & VS for Men

  100. My dad is starting to get a bit older and this set would help prevent him from slowly evolving into looking like Doc Emmett Brown from Back To The Future. Thanks!

  101. Despite my partner claiming he is bringing ‘sexy back’, he needs some help with hair that is better off dealt with swiftly by the VS for Men Lithium i-PRO™.

    I enter this comp as the matter is becoming more urgent, as he is now encouraging the kids to pluck ear years and then make a wish. ( I think our child will have enough problems without these hair plucking episodes)!!

  102. My dad needs this prize because he often nicks the skin off when he shaves his head in the shower. One day, he came out of the bathroom with blood on his head and he didn’t even know it!

  103. As hubby is in the Army he shaves his head every Sunday so at this point he goes through 2 head shavers a year

  104. My dad needs this prize as he shaves his hair since he is half bald and likes being clean shaven but he is still using the old fashioned razor that you normally see at barbers and he is always cutting himself

  105. My partner is in desperate need of a new electric razor. Here are the main reasons why:

    1- He might be more inclined to shave the cactus beard off his face of he had a cool looking razor to use.
    2-Every time he uses it he needs to spray olive oil spray on to the blades so it actually cuts and is basically just smearing oil in to his face.
    3- He’s only ever won a key chain so this would make his life goal of winning something better than a keychain completed.

    From his girlfriend who loves this competition, many thanks guys!

  106. I wish I could tame the beast in my hubby and son, they look like a pair of lions come on LITHIUM PRO SERIES are you up to the challenge

  107. As time goes by and my beard does grow
    There are times when I’m up for a show
    As this I know when the beast is called
    It’s time for the man inside to be drawn
    I wait at the post for my prize to come
    So I can use my new VS Lithium i-PRO and be done.

  108. Dad’s signature look is getting a bit wild and scruffy – He needs some TLC provided for exclusively by VS for Men Lithium i-PRO™ Intensive

  109. My dad’s trimmer has been broken for awhile so lately he has been looking disheveled. I would love to surprise him with this amazing pack as a fathers day gift! As someone who is always helping others and putting his needs last, I think this would be the perfect chance to spoil him!

  110. Would love to win the VS i-PRO Series to tame my hairy monkey-looking partner who is in serious need of a shave! No shavers have passed the test of taming his beard, hoping VS will do the trick 🙂

  111. I would love to win this for my man because he prefers to cut his own hair rather than pay a ridiculous amount at the hairdressers for the same thing

  112. My hubby is always running late to work and sometimes skips taming his hairy face because he doesn’t have the right tools, He would love to win this prize pack so he can tame his hairy beast!

  113. Hubby loves to leave everything until the very last moment. Leaves himself not enough time to do a proper shave. Rushes and cuts himself and ends up looking a bit of a mess. With one of these awesomely quick shavers he would be done in a flash.

  114. My mans facial hair was only supposed to grow for Movember. It’s well overdue! Just in time for “Cliptember”

  115. My husband would absolutely love this VS Lithium Pro series pack as he prides himself on being impeccably groomed, and this wouldn’t just be used on his face this would be perfect for maintaining his buzz cut too 😉 Wonderful gift for father’s day!

  116. Hubby may actually make an effort, if he had the VS, no more scratchy kisses, just that pure beautiful soft skin sense.

  117. Dads tremors are all that more dangerous when standing by the bathroom mirror. With the VS, the bedroom can be the bathroom…stability all round

  118. Let’s just say my husband gets into a lot of STUBBLE! I’d LATHER that he was clean, smooth and kissable. Some bare-faced cheek would be good!

  119. The only thing my dad loves more than his beard is gadgets, so this is our only shot at defeating the grizzly monster and uncovering the man we used to know!

  120. My husbands old clippers are over 20 years old and its definitely time for some new ones because when he finishes we always find long bits sticking out everywhere! As he shaves his head as well, these little beauties will not get lost in a drawer somewhere!

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