Ask an Expert: Keratin Smoothing Treatment (Kinky Curly Straight)

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Recently I was lucky enough to visit Kinky Curly Straight (123 Magill Rd, Adelaide SA 5069) to roadtest their keratin smoothing treatment from Alfaparf.

This treatment is made in Italy and we asked the owners of the salon, Uros and Mojca Mikic, to give us the basics in the following Q&A:

Will this make my hair straight?

This is a relaxing treatment, using a kera-collagen complex and babassu oil to relax the natural curls, waves and tame frizziness. It will make your hair straighter, but the results do depend on what we have to work with. It’s not a permanent straightening service, as it doesn’t use any harsh chemicals.

Does it cause any damage to hair?

No, it will not damage your hair. If anything your hair will be softer, smoother, and more nourished due to the precious oils, keratin and collagen.

Can it affect my colour?

It is safe to use on treated and coloured hair. It’s so safe you can actually have your hair coloured on the same day of the treatment.

There is also a specific Silver treatment we use solely on blonde hair, as it is made for blonde hair – it doesn’t tone the hair at all.

How long before I can colour my hair after the treatment?

You can have your hair coloured on the same day, before or after the treatment.

How long until I can wash my hair after the treatment?

You can wash and style your hair on the same day.

How long does it take?

It depends on the length, texture and how thick the client’s hair is. Usually two hours for medium length, normal to thick hair is a good estimate.

With this service we always recommend a free consultation so we can see the condition of the hair, and we can explain how the treatment works, allow enough time for the service and provide a quote.

Who is this most recommended for?

We would recommend this service to clients with frizzy hair, wavy, curly, dry hair. Clients who struggle with straightening their hair daily and want smooth, frizz-free, softer hair.

How long does it last?

The first treatment lasts up to three months, and every additional treatment usually lasts up to a month longer. We also have a take home Keratin Refill spray, which you can start using 5 weeks after the treatment to refill keratin and collagen in your hair to help keep it smoother for longer.

How much does it cost?

We adjust the price to the length and thickness of the client’s hair. Our starting price is $250 and includes a take home shampoo and conditioner. This is suitable for medium length, normal to thick hair.

Does it contain formaldehyde?


We are a green salon and as such are very strict about not using products with harsh chemicals, not only for our clients and team members, but also for the environment.

What are the benefits of keratin?

Keratin is a protein that is naturally a part of your hair. Your hair will loose protein with harsher services such as lightening, daily straightening, etc. Using keratin as part of the service means we are replacing and infusing protein into your hair cuticle making it smooth, shiny and soft.

Can I have this treatment if pregnant or breastfeeding?

The treatment is safe for pregnant clients or breastfeeding clients, however we would look to get clearance from the doctor just to be on the safe side. The fumes/smells from the treatment could intensify any existing nausea, this is the only reason why we would suggest to wait, but as mentioned it is safe as no harsh chemicals are used.

Is it necessary to use the after care products?

At Kinky Curly Straight, when you have the Keratin Straightening Service you receive a shampoo and conditioner as part of the service package. This will usually last you between services and make a big difference to the condition of your hair, as the products are made specifically with the treatment in mind.

We also suggest using Keratin Refill spray and Oil at home.

What made you choose the Alfaparf  brand?

We have used Alfaparf’s amazing treatments previously and always love their results. Seeing that this is a well-known European brand and a formaldehyde free treatment with great results the decision was quite easy. Both our stylists and clients have been extremely happy with the results.

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