Goldwell Kerasilk Home Care

Now available from Goldwell salons is the Kerasilk Keratin Smoothing Treatment. This professional service is customisable to the individual and transforms frizzy, damaged or curly hair into smoother more manageable locks which can last up to five months.

To complement the in salon treatment, the brand has a range of products which can be used at home and are effective whether you have had the in salon treatment or not.

There are seven hair products to choose from which are broken up into two different types – Keratin Care (a keratin formula for smoothing) and Ultra Rich Keratin Care (extra hard working to combat those frizzies).

KSK Ultra Rich Keratin Care Mask

The Ultra Rich collection comes in a Shampoo (250ml), Daily Intense Mask (pictured – 150ml) and Oil (100ml). These three products work well together and are particularly beneficial right now when there is so much moisture in the air – something we all know can cause an instant attack of the frizz!

The Kerasilk home care products from Goldwell are perfectly partnered to hair that is dry, frizzy, curly or damaged (or a combination of all of these things).

Prices start from $29.95

Available only from Goldwell salons.

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