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Pregnancy and childbirth are an exciting time but they are also filled with questions and uncertainties. First time mothers are new to this whole gig so have lots of questions about what to expect but I’m here to tell you that those of us who have been through it before have questions too. Everything is complicated and every decision feels crucial, what cot to buy? What car seat is best? Even your choice of baby shower dresses is a big deal.

We all know that every baby is different and every pregnancy is different. Many will tell you that the pregnancy differs because of the gender of the baby but that isn’t necessarily true.

Quite often there are questions that you aren’t sure where to direct, or you might be embarrassed to ask your doctor face to face, you may not have a close support network or you may be in a more rural area where support is not so easily accessible. Any of these things can put the support you need out of reach – but not anymore.

Remedy Healthcare have created Bump to Baby to solve those problems and offer that support to new and expectant parents from the convenience of their own homes.  Bump to Baby is a team of qualified and experienced midwives, who are also mums, that are leading the way in phone based support. They operate nationally and are trained to offer phone-based support across a wide range of maternal and neo-natal areas.


Two of the most popular areas of support offered are breastfeeding and settling infants, which as a mother of three I can completely understand. Sometimes it is too difficult to even contemplate packing everyone up to get into the nearest town for some advice about how to calm my screaming bundle of fun, and I still feel like breastfeeding should be a natural thing (yes, I know it’s not that easy) so it is extremely hard to admit to having difficulties. Being able to call Bump to Baby and get a trained and helpful midwife for a private and quiet conversation without leaving the house would take a lot of the stress out of the situation, and be a reassurance that help is never far away. The midwives at Bump to Baby get to know the couple and the baby, fostering a relationship and learning how best to help them with their healthcare needs.

A Bump to Baby subscription would make a perfect baby shower gift, it’s useful and I’m sure it would be appreciated, it’s one of a kind and it would suit any expectant parent. For work colleagues embarking on life as a parent, you don’t always know them well enough to know what tastes they have and what they would want for the baby so a Bump to Baby subscription offers them support and reassurance from wherever they are and in the early days it is wonderful not to have to leave the house.

For more information about Bump to Baby or to book your subscription please head over to: www.bump-to-baby.com.au

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