Pillow Pets Mini Dream Lites

Pillow Pets just got even cuter with Mini Dream Lites, a small cuddly toy with special light display that is a small version of the popular full sized Dream Lites.

When you turn these on they become an instant night light, with a star display that can be seen on the ceiling – a comforting way for scared little ones to be more confident in the dark.




These are the same design as a Pillow Pet, they can fold in half or be laid flat and there is a special bag clip so they can be conveniently taken anywhere.

Made from chenille fabric these are nice and soft, and some of the pets to choose from include Rainbow Unicorn, Pink Ladybug, Zebra and Bear.

Very cute, these will quickly become a bedtime favourite.

RRP $12.99 each

Available from Big W


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