Review: Rasasara Pitta Sensitive Value Pack

If it’s happy, calm and nourished skin you’re after, look no further then Rasasara. We had the absolute joy of getting to know Rasasara’s lovely leading lady Sonia a little better, and now we are completely besotted by her gorgeous range.

The Pitta Sensitive Value Pack has been a must-have for the past few weeks and it’s hard to say which product is my favourite.

The pack includes –


  • Face Cleansing Bar – We all know soap in a no-no for the skin,  but this bar produces a foam so soft you needn’t fear about over cleansing
  • Pitta Mist – A wonderfully fragrant hydrating mist that will gently refresh and provide glowy skin
  • Face Nourishing Oil – Deep hydration is expected with this oil and it most certainly pleases. Pat gently into skin and you’ll be rewarded with a soft and moisturised complexion
  • Herbal Face Exfoliant – It’s always great fun using a powder exfoliant, and you have the choice between mixing with water, face mist or oil, depending on your skin preferences. The important thing to note is how gentle this, no chance of over-exfoliation to be found

If you’re lost in the world of skincare and aren’t sure what your skin type is, have a go at the nifty skin test to see what works best for you.

To find out more about Rasasara’s many goods and to locate stockists, visit

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