40 Top Tips for Brides and Grooms

Passion, world class staff and providing a unique experience the keys for success according to leading hospitality group, Navarra Venues, who celebrate their 40th birthday this year.

As they reflect on their journey over the years, the team of event planners share their top 40 tips. That’s one tip per year they have been helping couples have their own unforgettable wedding.


  1. Personalise, personalise, personalise – make every aspect of your celebration a true reflection of the two of you!
  2. Build a rapport with your wedding coordinator to ensure everything about your day will run smoothly
  3. Your guests’ comfort is an absolute priority – happy guests mean your wedding will be memorable for all the right reasons
  4. Choose your colour scheme to work with the interiors of your wedding venue
  5. Be clear with your suppliers about reception set-up times so they know exactly when they need to be creating your dream reception
  6. Confirm every vendor a week before the big day
  7. If you have the time, allow at least 12 months to plan your wedding.  If not, get assistance from your venue wedding coordinator
  8. Dazzle your guests with a gorgeous wedding cake to act as a centrepiece on stage.
  9. Greet your guests with style by choosing a Signature Cocktail to be served on arrival.  Try Bellinis, Spritzes and Sangrias are a few ideas
  10. Can’t dance?  Take dance lessons together and show off  your moves for your bridal waltz
  11. Your choice of furniture can create an unforgettable atmosphere at your reception
  12. Avoid the traffic –  if your venue is by the water, gather your bridal party and take a cruise to your reception and then, after the reception, leave in ‘French Riviera’ style to your romantic destination
  13. Create a beautiful and ambient mood at your reception by using various lighting techniques: candles, pin spot lighting for your centerpiece or a plethora of fairy lights from the ceiling
  14. Have your guest list displayed elegantly at your reception in mirror frames or artwork from a graphic designer
  15. Your guests will vary in age so don’t forget to select some music to cater for all; there is nothing better than seeing a dance floor filled with your guests having a great time
  16. Ensure you enjoy your menu.  You have gone to the effort to select a menu, therefore take the time and savor in your chosen banquet
  17. Thank your guests with a small gift, commonly known as a bonbonniere
  18. Your invitation will give your guests the first impression of what type of wedding you will be having, so make sure it reflects your style
  19. Treat your guests with a selection of canapés served on arrival.
  20. Create an online mood board with Pinterest.  Compile all your favourite pics and no doubt you’ll notice a common thread throughout them. From here you can develop a theme for your special day
  21. Involve your family by giving each member a task in the lead up to the day
  22. Use makeup & hair to accentuate your natural look
  23. Choose a perfume that leaves a beautiful and sweet aroma as your move throughout your day.
  24. When giving a speech, guests will love a little humour. Add a story that will make your guests laugh.
  25. Use your venue as an information source –  the team of experts will be able to help you the whole way and share their expert advice and preferred suppliers list
  26. Keep a diary detailing your schedules and budget, this will keep you on track and organized
  27. Your shoes should be absolutely beautiful but don’t forget that you need to be comfortable too
  28. Pack a little emergency bag of band-aids, sewing thread and needle, perfume, lippy, mints … anything can happen and knowing you have this little bag will make you feel at ease on your wedding day
  29. Choose seasonal flowers.  They will be at their prime in terms of colour and availability.  Subtle scented flowers will also be an elegant touch
  30. Select a theme that reflects who you are as a couple and incorporate it into every aspect of your day – stationery, bridesmaids gowns, receptions decorations and the cake!
  31. When you start planning your big day organise the major vendors first – photographer, ceremony and reception venue, stylist
  32. Look for a venue with beautiful gardens or water views – it means you won’t have to travel for your location photos!
  33. Organise a pre-wedding party, a brilliant way for your guests to meet and mingle before the big day
  34. Make the time to greet and talk with each guest – it will make them feel special and it really shows that you care
  35. Keep each speech to 5-10minutes – the perfect amount of time for a heartfelt story without ever becoming a bore
  36. Have a ceremony gown and a reception gown – it’s the latest fashion trend and it promises to really wow your guests
  37. Have a pre-wedding photoshoot to ensure you feel comfortable in front of the camera
  38. If you have kids at the wedding make sure you have a basket of goodies to keep them entertained – think colouring books, crayons, mini puzzles and bubbles
  39. Plan a unique getaway – imagine sailing off on a boat, waving goodbye to your guests?!
  40. Enjoy every minute of the planning process – it’s all part of the fun

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