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SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED TO DELIVER THE HOLY GRAIL IN HAIR COLOUR – PROLONGED COLOUR RETENTION this extraordinary range is available in three customised shampoo, conditioner and product regimes – ‘hydrate’, ‘repair’ and ‘smooth’  – to tackle the primary causes of fading: wash out, sun-damage and thermal styling.

You can also win the new RUSK® Deepshine™ Colour Haircare Dry Shampoo, which is invisible. Yes that’s right. It sprays on completely clear which means it doesn’t dull or alter your colour in any way. Talc-free, it also doesn’t leave that tell-tale residue on your collar. Formulated with Chromaveil™, a patented UV technology, which helps stop your colour from fading by protecting against the bleaching effects of the sun, it instantly cleans and revives hair between shampoos by absorbing excess oil and odour, leaving a fresh, clean scent.


Last but not least, you can win the RUSK® Deepshine™ Colour Haircare Lock In Treatment. Again formulated with chromaveil™, it is best used daily but the colour protection stays active even if you skip a day.

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Each Prize pack comprises:

RUSK® Deepshine™ Colour Care Invisible Dry Shampoo.250ml
RUSK® Deepshine™ Colour Care Lock in Treatment 175ml
RUSK® Deepshine™  Smooth Sulfate-free Shampoo 250ml
RUSK® Deepshine™ Conditioner Smooth 250ml
RUSK® Deepshine™ Smooth Protective Serum 59ml $21.95

For your chance to win, tell us in the comments section below about your biggest hair colour concern. Good luck!

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– Prize not negotiable, and cannot be exchanged or taken as cash.
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186 thoughts on “CLOSED: Win with RUSK Haircare

    1. My biggest problem is covering greys but also finding a color that holds. I would give anything to find a color that lasts!

  1. I colour my hair red and my ends fade out faster than the mid lengths of my hair, combine that with regrowth and I have way too many colours going on!

  2. I worry that the colour will fade quickly into a really horrid shade, or my scalp will be stained for weeks, but most of all I worry about damaging my hair.

  3. Biggest hair colour concern – In my 40’s now and the signs of greys are very much appearing. I am nearly black haired and really want to avoid going down the routined hair dying for as long as I can. I have extremely fine hair which has become so fragile due to continual breastfeeding and pregnancies over the last nine years. I have ceased breastfeeding recently and have lost my hair in handfuls. What was once my shining glory I now hide away, putting it up. Consulting several hairdressers they advise not to use hair dyes on it because my hair is no fragile. So what do I do – even my children are noticing my greys. My son with my last pregnancy asking me “Mummy, are you allowed to have another baby”. Amused I asked why. His response “Because you are getting old people’s hair”.

  4. I am naturally blonde but as im ageing have started getting dark roots which now every 4weeks am having to get coloured.. something to make the colour last longer would be fantastic! Would love to try these products! I also straighten daily so the Smooth Serum sounds fab!

  5. I don’t have any problems with colouring my brunette hair. The problems I do have are colours not lasting long at all or turning a brassy orange colour which is not attractive.

  6. Continuous blonde treatments have made my hair so dry, I also hate when swimming in chlorine pools it goes green!

  7. I’ve just started dying my hair a vibrant red, but it fades super fast in my naturally blonde hair. I’d love to have a set of hair care products designed specifically for coloured hair

  8. My biggest hair colour concern is that the ends of my hair fade more quickly than the rest of my hair even though I keep my hair reasonably short and really look after it.

  9. my hair is really limp and very find its so hard to do anything with just to feel comfortable with my own hair

  10. At 43 I have a grey halo that frames my face and I despise it. I colour my hair every 8 -10 weeks to try and keep the greys at bay but it is getting harder to achieve. The colour will last for quite a while on the majority of my hair but where it’s grey, the colour just doesn’t seem to hold any more and within weeks the grey returns. I wish I could get more longevity out of my DIY hair colours.

  11. everytime I colour my hair doesn’t matter what brand it is it still washes out or fades very fast HELP

  12. Selecting the right colour for my complexion and then knowing that the colour I chose is the colour I will get. There have been a few unhappy surprises.

  13. My concern is after I’ve coloured my hair and washed it, it looks like I’ve put lots of different colours in my hair as a lot of dye comes out! And it gets so dry I don’t want to dye it again but if I don’t I have rainbow hair!

  14. My two concerns with my hair is quite brittle and dry and also I am seeing Not grey but WHITE hairs pop up here and there and they stick out like a sore thumb….worst still is that I am only 37.

  15. I accept I’m much more grey than any other colour now, and I think I would be happy to just go natural, but the getting there, and having my hair look so awful in the meantime keeps me getting a colour put in.

  16. My colour fades too quick, so i have months before i can afford a hair salon visit and hair Envy of my sis who goes monthly!

  17. Hair colour concern????
    uumm…. well hello….turning Gray…Why on earth does this have to happen? There you are just minding your own business and you happen to glance into the mirror as you are washing your hands and you think you saw something but no….it cant be…..can it?? So i broad daylight you turn on the bathroom lights and you turn left and turn right and isolate the offending hair and then pluck it from your head and with utter shock and disgust you declare that it is infact a gray hair. Obviously you are far to young for this to be happening and it was just a mutant hair…thank god you plucked it. I week later you find another…aarrgghhhhh.
    Oh…by the way this has never happened to me…im far to young …honest.

  18. My greatest hair colour concern is after coloring my hair, it looks great, nice and shiny, glossy for a few weeks… Then the colour starts to fade and my hair feels dry like straw and the colour starts to dull…. and looks like I have road kill for hair!
    Not to mention the dreaded re growth …l hmmm I don’t think it would pass for the ombré balayage look!

  19. after being grey for many years my hair is now going dark I am unsure if I color my hair what the color will turn out like??

  20. I’m having hair problems, I don’t know whether it is hormone problems or I’m going bald, I’m hoping this does the trick.

  21. Being naturally blonde, I’d love to go darker but am concerned about the colour washing out, fading and leaving dirty marks on the pillow (dyed it black a very long time ago, and a week later after several great washes, it was staining the bedding).

  22. One of those ‘Today tonight’ or ‘A current affair’ type stories coming true, where the dye burns into my head, all my hair falls out, I become disfigured and go through a lot of pain. It always goes through my head, every time I’m putting the dye on!!!!!

  23. Before I had a bub I was one of those women that use to say – it doesn’t take much effort to – put a colour rinse through your hair/pluck your eyebrows/paint your nails/shave/wax/moisturise your legs & armpits. BOY was it a nice slap in the face when I had my daughter.
    Well I don’t colour my hair often any more, so hair care has to help me go the distance – without a depth of colour in my hair, my face looks flat and washed out. If that happens, I spend more time trying to apply natural looking makeup to compensate for the overall look.
    I feel much better about myself when my hair looks right in colour. If I have not had time to straighten or do something fancy to my hair, just having the right colour at least makes me look I have blood running through my veins.


  24. I have my hair coloured blonde and the shade of colour looks beautiful at first but after a few weeks it starts to fade and look dull and those dark roots appear to show quickly

  25. My biggest concern is dry ends and oily roots combined with fine hair that splits very easily. I find it so hard to manage my hair on a day to day basis

  26. My biggest hair concern is even colour coverage, long lasting colour and hydration.
    When I do a DIY hair colour, the hair on top tends to be coloured well but not underneath it. I also have to use hair oil regularly to prevent dry hair from dying.

  27. I have a problem with grey hair around the edges and in my part while the rest of my hair maintains a nice colour.

  28. Quick fading of the red hair colour that I use to cover my grey hair, it only lasts a couple of washes and gets lighter every wash.

  29. being a natural red head….its go hard trying to know what to do with it…. I usually stick with blonde…but, geez i’d love a change….

  30. Maintaining colour in my hair is a problem, I put a perminant dye in my hair and it washes out like a semi perminant, also the frizzy under hair and grey hair are problematic as well.

  31. I’ve just get home with my brand new colour and it looks fantastic. After a few days I face the dreaded wash my hair with a new colour in it. Heart is a thumping as I watch dye flushing away with the waste water oh my is my hair the same shade? I always face this dilemma every time I get my hair done but what to do? Alas eventually it loses it gloss and back in the chair am I for another round of hair stress.

  32. After colour foils every 8 weeks, my highlights keep turning yellow. I must be using the wrong haircare products. I would love to be turned onto RUSK®. My hairdresser keeps trying to sell me Redken but it’s soooo expensive and I’m unsure they will work.

  33. with long hair its always so difficult to judge how much dye i need, and of course, i realize that two packs isn’t enough just as i’m 3/4 of the way through dying it.

  34. I have a mane of naturally dark red very curly mid-back length hair that in Western Australia’s intense summer heat just dries out so much I look like I have my own personal bush fire on my head.
    Urgently in need of some help to put it out.

  35. My biggest hair colour concern is the cost. My grey roots show themselves about 1-2 weeks after I colour, and I simply can’t keep up.

  36. I really love the sound of these amazing products. And as i try my best to look after my hair, I also believe that great products like these bring out the best in someones hair. So for me this would be a wonderful prize to win. Something that i would really love to own. Only the best can bring out the best.

  37. My colour not lasting that long, I love the colour when I leave the hairdressers then it fades too quickly.

  38. Since menopause, my hair has struggled,
    It’s grey, and dull and dry,
    I’ve nearly given up hope,
    The Rusk products I’d love to try!
    I wash my hair and style it, but the mirror’s not my friend,
    My hair is everywhere, it’s a battle I can’t win,
    It sticks up in all directions, like an explosion in a mattress factory,
    Rusk could be my saviour, so won’t you please pick me?

  39. I bleached my hair blonde, I then decided to dye my hair black. Big mistake. It turned grey. Had to wear a hat until it washed out. Help…lol…looked terrible.

  40. I’m a natural blonde but go through periods where I love my hair dark, which is always great and my hair seems to handle it well. But when I want to go back to my more natural colour, usually very gradually, starting with a few foils first…….as soon as I get my first lot of foils…….BANG!! Frizz 🙁

  41. My biggest concern is actually choosing a colour, & once I find a colour I love that suits me, keeping it looking great.

  42. A few months ago I visited a new hair salon. I’ve been gradually getting more and more greys but I was at one with them and them with me! However, my new stylist (a gay man) waved his hands in the air at the sight of them announcing to the world, “Oh Darling, you’re too young for those signs of wisdom!” and convinced me to colour my hair.
    I HATE IT! It’s the wrong colour (although it has lightened – thank God), it feels dry and when I wake up in the morning every strand is separated from the other and they’re all sticking up and out in all directions, like I’ve been electrocuted during my sleep! I’m even too scared to use the hair dryer in case I make it even more brittle. I’m thinking of finding a new use for my hair dryer to cheer myself up by sitting in my parked car and pointing the hairdryer at passing cars to see if they slow down!! ha, ha!

  43. My greatest concern with using a colour in my hair is causing further damage to my hair. I have been on chemo and steroids for about twenty years and my hair is thinning and sometimes lifeless.

  44. My biggest concern is how quickly the Hair Dyes Fade which im using, . My hair is lacking the volume and looks rather limp at the moment.

  45. My hair is going grey and very tired, needs a change of product and some highlights – I certainly need help

  46. The colour is never even close to what I am expecting. I think my hair takes up dye much differently than average.

  47. My biggest hair colour concern is that my hair is black and it’s so hard to do anything different with it as no colours stay in it!

  48. The maintenance and upkeep of hair colour is what worries me – it is expensive, time-consuming and very often inconvenient.

  49. Dying my hair blonde has caused severe breakage, concerned if I keep dying any colour it will all break off.

  50. I hate it when I have any late showers and go straight to the bed in the week after colouring my hair, the hair colour transforms itself onto my white pillow!

  51. The only thing about going with a lighter colour is the regrowth when you have dark hair, I’ve done this a few times but always regret it.

  52. My hair going completely white in my early 30s, because that’s what happened to my Dad and Grandma, and I have their hair gene!

  53. My biggest hair colour concern is the greys coming back too quickly,but this haircare range may help them blend a little better.

  54. Going from blonde to orange -eeeek having to embrace home hair dying errors unable to get medical certificate to get day off work

  55. My hair grows so fast I have to get my roots done every 3 weeks (and that’s stretching it) to cover the greys 🙁

  56. Growing older, I hate the thought of grey hair so I constantly need to colour. Unfortunately this make’s my hair dry and straw like.

  57. I am addicted to using a GHD on my hair to get rid of the frizz or curls around my hairline! Unfortunately this causes split ends 🙁

  58. Now that I have three children, I can’t afford the salon appointments and the greys are appearing. Emergency!

  59. Keeping newly coloured hair vibrant for as long as possible, and of course covering those pesky greys!

  60. The biggest concern for my hair is that I was platinum for years whic has left the ends so damaged and trying to grow my hair is a nightmare and takes forever. In the last few months I have stopped bleaching my hair and have a Balayage effect with the top being my natural colour. My hair is finally growing, however the ends are still frazzled and my hair is not in the best condition from years of bleaching!

  61. I have natural blonde hair, I love getting highlights used to last for 8 weeks but not now.Mum of three princesses budget doesn’t allow for salon treatments. HELP

  62. My biggest concern regrowth, I loved darker colours which doesn’t work with grey regrowth, I’ve changed my ways and gone with a blonder look, so the grey regrowth blends in. My hair has never been drier and so lacklustre…I need RUSK!

  63. I am in my 60’s and love the colour I use to cover my grey hairs, but I don’t like the fade out look after 4 weeks of colour treatment bring it on Rusk COLOUR HAIRCARE PACKS!

  64. I finally have my dream hair colour (blue), but not without a lot of bleaching and dying both at home and at the salon. However, it seems like the downside of dream hair is nightmare maintenance! Not only does the colour fade so quickly, but none of the products I own have been enough to keep it hydrated and looking… well, alive! It was so perfect after my appointment but I just haven’t been able to keep it in good condition… hoping a Rusk DeepShine treatment would bring back the dream hairdo!

  65. I would love to use this product because i have coloured hair and i need to make the colour last longer. Red coloured hair fades very quick.

  66. As someone who has been a chameleon with hair colour my concerns are damage to my hair through the treatments and retaining my current colour of choice. I’d like to keep up my colour change efforts, but not at the jeopardy of my hair.

  67. I have chemically treated blonde hair and my biggest concern is dry brittle hair. I would love a conditioner or leave in conditioner that not only protects my hair but also restores it back to health. 🙂

  68. My biggest concern is actually finding a hairdresser that LISTENS to what I want and not what they want. I just want ASH blonde hair and not GOLD hair…I’d love a home bleaching kit that can give me the right ash blonde tone with NO gold or brassiness… so I can do my hair at home!

  69. I have to colour my hair to hide the grey then to brighten it up I have blonde foils put in but after a few washes it becomes dull faded & brassy.This product looks like it could solve all my problems

  70. Grey hair gives the aura of wisdom. It also gives this 40-something the dry fuzzies and a tough time finding dye to cover. Most DIY dyes will not cover more than 50% of grey. Those that do cover 100% of grey (me!) are in the more, shall I say boring league of tints. If I can get 100% coverage in a lovely colour, it fades quickly, leaving me drab, loveless. And with no more wisdom than I had before dyeing.

  71. My biggest concern is regrowth, not being able to afford regular trips to the salon, I tend to opt for a semi, which fades fast. Can’t win!

  72. Split ends but most of all my hair thinning. I never get it thinned but I no longer have the same volume as I did last year ;(

  73. I have been avoiding permanent colours, admiring that silver glow that keeps looking back at me in the mirror. I am concerned that it may damage my already very delicate hair. After finally ceasing breastfeeding no. 3 child my hair really suffered and has fallen out in handfuls. Not returning to it’s former glory, but now damaged, brittle and so very fine. I’m loathed to put any type of chemicals on it, even low levels that claim to be in the colours nowadays. But I really need to do something soon. I have even bought the colour, just don’t have the confidence to use it yet.

    You know it’s time when your oldest asks whilst you were pregnant with no. 3 “Mummy are you allowed to have another baby?”. Amused I asked “why”. His response “because you have old people’s hair”.

  74. Each time after having highlights at the hairdresser’s, I watch my hair slowly turn yellow. When I’m due back 6 weeks later, I look like I have a haystack on my head. Help!

  75. No matter how much conditioner or treatments I use, my ends are still really dry and roots are oily. It’s a night mare.

  76. The dreaded greys – actually my grey has gone straight to almost white and only on one side at the front … Hello Cruella deVille! Colour doesn’t take so well to it and if I use a reddish hue the grey/white bit looks pink.

  77. As I get older and my hair colour because (ahem) a little less natural, my biggest problem is colour fade. My fair is fine and dead straight so I have to blow dry and use products to add body to my hair style – all of which doesn’t help with the colour fade and the quality of my hair!

  78. My hair problem? ~Unbelievable greys!
    Not just the odd few strays!
    RUSK’s Deepshine Therapy ‘d brilliantly assist!
    Result: Natural coloured hair, shiny and sun-kissed!

  79. Although I have never as yet coloured my natural hair, the worry is the salt n pepper grey look now rearing its ugliness… And knowing that once I’ve coloured it that first time, I know it will become a re occurring obsession to cover and colour those roots again and again and again…. Not looking forward to that at all!….

  80. Menopause is a shocker for hair!… I now battle with thinning and colour (real and artificial) fading to a salt and pepper schnauzer effect! 🙁

  81. My biggest hair colour concern is uneven colour, both natural colour and artificial (dye). I started having grey hair in my late teens so this is a big issue for me.

  82. Flat, mousy, devoid of colour,
    My poor hair could not be duller…
    Thank goodness for the Summer sun
    For natural highlights when the season’s done!

  83. Adding foils but looking like a zebra! I love animals but they belong in zoos, farm’s or out in the wild… not on my head.

  84. I straighten my hair every morning and I worry about it drying out as well as split ends, it seems to have lost its shine and really needs some sort of treatment.

  85. My hair drives me nutts, it’s sooo thick and gets so dry it’s not funny and greys are arriving, I even get the little curly frizzy nutts on the side lol how embarrassing

  86. My hair is fine and frizzy, therefore hard to keep a style.
    For me to happy with the results, it really does take a while.

  87. Wanting to go lighter but afraid it will damage my hair. Don’t want to dry it out , have breakage and end up with dull , lifeless hair that needs repair.

  88. So many types out on the market and believe me I’ve tried them all. My biggest concern that some still have ammonia in their ingredients. Is there any one type that is fully natural, covers grey entirely and stays for more than 3 weeks? That would be my dream hair colour 🙂

  89. Since deciding to go with the whole grey look, I am finding my hair particularly coarse. How can I soften the strands, to make it look better.

  90. Hair dyes normally dry out my hair making it brittle and frizzy. I am starting to get grey hair. Which we all know is hard brittle hair. So I will have the choice of covering it up, or staying grey. But both choices end in the same dry brittle hair..

  91. Covering the grey and the way the hair colour dries out my hair and makes it go brittle, and not being able to get the exact colour I want from a bottle. Why can’t it just go snow white and then I will just crop it short and sassy and rock it!

  92. My hair is really long down to my backside & really thick , I don’t really die it much as I like my natural colour , but I have done maybe 3/4times. The only problem with my hair is it gets really dry and looks dull. I need abit of shine and volume and abit of oomph :))

  93. My hair is really long down to my bottom & really thick , I don’t really die it much as I like my natural colour , but I have done maybe 3/4times. The only problem with my hair is it gets really dry and looks dull. I need abit of shine and volume and abit of oomph .

  94. I am going grey really fast and far too young (compared to family genes) so I have been getting my hair coloured more frequently which in turn is drying my hair and making it brittle, even using leave in conditioners and oils at the moment are not helping 🙁

  95. Spending hundreds of dollars on achieving a beautiful deep brown colour then having it fade out quickly! Can’t wait to try this shampoo and see how well it makes my colour last

  96. I am finding more and more strands of grey, so I need to find a easy and low maintenance way to maintain my colour!

  97. Thinning hair from over use of colour dyes and toner. Need lasting colour to cover the white hair coming with age

  98. My hair is so thin even though there’s a lot of it, it tends to frizz and break so easily leaving my hair looking messy.

  99. I decided to get my hair done in the middle of my lunch break at Wynnyard instead of taking an hour to get a hair colour in it took 2 hours. Was I in trouble when I got home.

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