The New Black

A nail brand which is pushing the boundaries and transforming your regular old polish into a true fashion statement is The New Black.

Love the ombre trend? Get it on your nails with the 5 piece set of Ombre Shades, 5 gradated polishes in one set – that’s one colour per nail. This looks amazing:

Ombre Floyd

Then, there is Love Match, a duo of nail polish and lip colour that complement each other perfectly:

love match - jaybird

For girls who like their popping hues try the Subculture Contemporary Neon collection, mix it up with a twist on the traditional french mani and use colour instead:

subculture-tabloid sensations

Digital Underground is your catwalk style kit with 5 bottles of nail fun in each set. These are used to create unique nail art designs:

the digital undeground - rebel edge

The New Black is made in the USA and are vegan friendly and camphor-free. Chip resistant and non toxic.

Get yours at:

Kit Cosmetics:

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