6 Helpful Hand Creams

Our hands are perhaps one of our busiest body parts, with all the hard work they do (touching, feeling, grabbing, smoothing, typing…) they deserve a little pampering care, don’t you think?

But hand creams are also a touch tricky to purchase, how do you know you aren’t buying a cream that is horribly sticky and smears what ever you touch?

After much testing, slathering and massaging, we have a list here for you with the best natural hand cream options which hands will enjoy wearing.

Hand Creams

1. Puretopia Nourish & Repair Firming & Soothing Hand Cream – $9.95 75ml

A top choice for those feverishly searching for a cream that comes sans high-scent. Puretopia’s hand cream is lighter in texture then most up for offer and sinks into skin at lightening speed.

2. Grown Alchemist Hand Cream Vanilla & Orange Peel – $24.95 65ml

My what a dreamy scent! Exquisite vanilla and orange peel in a lusciously rich base of shea butter, wheatgerm, rosehip and camellia oils. Carrot root extract and vitamin e provide a helpful boost to hydrate and soften busy hands.

3. Caroline’s Cream – $17.95 for 100g

Caroline’s Cream was expertly created for those plagued with irritated, fussy skin. With a selection of the finest herbs and oils and a barely-there fragrance, this all-purpose cream can be slathered from top to toe to moisturise and heal.

4. Natural Instinct Hand & Nail Cream – $9.95 125ml

This cream renews tired hands with a blend of cocoa butter, red grape extract, pro-Vitamin B5 and the soothing scent of lavender. Apply lavishly before you head to the land of sleep and awake with smooth, happy hands.

5. Jurlique Rose Hand Cream – $28 40ml

For those whom favour the glorious scent that is rose, look no further. Perhaps my favourite of the bunch, Jurlique’s award winning formula is decadently nourishing and leaves hands feeling heavenly soft. Are dry, cracked hands familiar to you? Let the powers of the locally-grown herbal extracts work their magic.

6. AUM Anti Age Organics Nourishing Hand Cream – $16.95 75ml

This is hydrating-meets-exotic with Papaya, Pineapple and Acai designed to lend a helping hand to brighten and revitalise skin.The sleek tube also contains pomegranate, an ingredient that gets my nod of approval for regenerating skin in need.


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