Summer Beauty Essentials

The harsh season of warmth is well and truly upon us and I can imagine that most of us are out there enjoying the sun and the Vitamin D giving glory it provides. Skin care in Summer is all about protecting and nurturing your skin from the sun’s harsh rays, but of course it also needs to be fuss-free so you’re able to do whatever it is you love in Summer.

1. Necessity Fixaderm Skin Repair – $14.95 for 30ml

A handy-dandy bottle of multi-use. Necessity’s Fixaderm has a selection of powerful yet gentle ingredients – calendula, lavender, tea tree, rosehip, almond, to name a few. Apply to cuts, scratches, insect stings, sunburn, chaffing, cracked heels, dry skin, and stretch marks. Particularly useful for those pesky and unavoidable mosquito bites.

2. Ere Perez Natural Waterproof Mascara – $28.95

If the idea of going mascara-less whilst around water is enough to cause great internal panic, Ere Perez have a perfectly safe and nourishing option for you. While most waterproof mascaras are bad for lashes after long-term use, Ere’s boasts a blend of avocado, mamey and sweet almond oils, all blended with Vitamin E and moisturising waxes. The slim tube promises a thick formula that won’t smudge or budge.

3. wotnot 30+ SPF Sunscreen – $25.95 135g

My personal choice of natural sunscreen – creamy and ultra-hydrating, wotnot contains only natural ingredients and also doubles as a skin moisturiser so you needn’t layer on separate products.

4. Kosmea Hydrating Rosewater Mist – $19.95 125ml

Like a fresh bouquet of beautiful roses, this is divine as a pick-me-up for tired and bothered skin. A quick spritz will help to calm and freshen.

5. Necessity Lemon Organic Lip Balm – $4.95

Lips needn’t be forgotten, a slick of lip balm will instantly provide lips with moisture, leaving them happy and comfortable. This lemony balm by Necessity contains sun protection properties – all natural and won’t leave a white tinge to lips.

6. INDAH Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – $15.00 330ml

With gorgeous new packaging, many skin-loving uses and a size-upgrade, INDAH’s coconut oil is completely raw and completely decadent. We have a competition to win INDAH’s coconut oil, click here to see.

7. Yarok Leave In Conditioner Heat Protector FEED YOUR ENDS – $21.95

Beach tousled hair may be the in-thing but brushing those gorgeous waves may prove difficult, a leave-in conditioner can make the world of difference, just spray, brush and enjoy the light moisture and refreshing summery scent.

8. The Jojoba Company Tuberose Clementine Body Soufflé –  $49.95 250ml

Massage this antioxidant-rich whipped cream into skin at day’s end. The warming feminine scent will help to lull you to sweet dreams while jojoba oil, cocoa butter and camellia oil repair sun-touched skin.

What are your Summer must-haves?

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