Pure Poppet Children’s Play MakeUp

My first impressions with Pure Poppet are of utter delight – play makeup for children and completely natural/non-toxic! Why hasn’t this been thought of earlier?  There are many little girls (and boys!) out there who love nothing more then to try their petite little hands at applying Mummy’s makeup, but is your makeup safe for your little ones?

Georga Holdich (who we’ve previously interviewed) is the bright mind behind Pure Poppet and she thought it necessary to take a leap forward and bring a safe option out onto the market.  The range includes lightly coloured lip balms, mineral powders, stencils, makeup crayons and pretty gift packs.

Lip Balms

Many people sadly don’t realise that children have a lower tolerance to chemicals/toxins then adults, which is why it’s quite essential to know everything that goes onto their precious skin. Keep in mind with children – particularly the younger ones – things have a way of ending up in their mouths sooner or later!

Pure Poppet’s items use only the safest of ingredients and are easy to wash off skin. The lip balms have a subtle shine for shiny lips and the mineral colours can have a little water added to them to create face paint. Pure Poppet is also Australian made and owned, a big tick in my mind.

RRP – The Pure Poppet range has prices from $4.95-$34.95

Stockists – Visit http://purepoppet.com.au for details

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