How To Prepare Bircher Muesli, With Brookfarm

What is Bircher Muesli, you ask? How does it differ from regular muesli?  Truthfully, in terms of ingredients, it’s quite similar to muesli. The major difference being that bircher is soaked overnight. How it’s soaked is entirely up to you – some people mix together the ingredients (oats, nuts, fruit etc..) and add water or fruit juice of some kind. Others prefer to use yogurt.

The reason for soaking is to make this friendlier for your tummy. Pre-soaking grains makes for easier digesting. A happy tummy = a happier you!

The folk at Brookfarm make a lovely Bircher Muesli and you have the choice of purchasing gluten-free.  They have carefully selected a premium mix of organic brown rice, quinoa and amaranth, organic flaxseeds, sour cherries, almonds, a dash of warming cinnamon and their own macadamias.

Now let’s get to work.

– In the evening, place ½ cup of Brookfarm Bircher Muesli in a bowl

– Place either ½ cup water, fruit juice, milk of any kind or a few tablespoons of yogurt in the bowl and mix well

– Cover bowl and place into fridge overnight

Serves 1.

Brookfarm Bircher

It’s your choice if you want to add any fruit/nuts before placing in the fridge or you may add in the morning.

Things you can add – nuts of any kind, sultanas, fruit, honey, cinnamon, pumpkin seeds

Once you’re up in the morning, feeling all weary and tired, you have a simple and satisfying bowl of delicious patiently awaiting you.

RRP – $11.95 for 400g

Stockists – Brookfarm products can be purchased in health food stores and online

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