Birdsnest Partners with Smalls for All

Imagine if wearing underwear was a luxury, and something that we didn’t have easy access to. You might think this is something all women were entitled to, but in reality there are a large number of females in Africa who simply cannot afford to buy a pair of undies.

Smalls for All assist these women by giving them underwear, which are not only for comfort, but help to prevent disease and risk of abuse. The charity has donated 30,000 pairs so far, and with the assistance of they aim to reach 40,000 for Christmas.


Birdsnest features Australian fashion for women, and this is an ideal partnership. When you visit the online store you will find a range of beautiful gift ideas – and, most importantly – the lucky dip. For $29.95 you pick a personality depending on what best suits you or your recipient. There is Designer Attitude, Naturally Active, Classic Woman, Study Girl, Party Mood, Corporate Girl, Yummy Granny or Yummy Mummy!

You are then sent a beautiful “surprise” gift which is valued at $29.95 AND three pairs of underpants will be donated to the cause. By choosing a personality you will receive a relevant, fun, secret package in the mail that you are sure to love – and who doesn’t love a little surprise?

Each gift is wrapped especially for you, and sent by express post.

To choose your surprise and help a good cause this Christmas (because we need to remember that is what it’s all about) then visit:

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