Organic Island Lip Balms

Fellow lip balm devotees, please pay attention. We here at Beauty and Lace adore all things adorable and it’s recently come to our attention that we haven’t yet featured this particular brand.

Considering I’ve been a personal fan for quite some years, it’s rather shameful of me.

White Frangipani

Organic Island isn’t just another skin care brand. They focus their attention on one skin care item – lip balm.  How many other companies can you say feature real beach shells as their packaging?

The crew at Organic Island source shells that have been recycled or damaged. The shells are then hygienically cleaned and have a clasp and mirror added for easier use.

Each ingredient in the decadent formula is 100% natural and the finest of quality. The unique little shells are perfect for all ages and make a thoughtful gift – perfect for upcoming Christmas!

RRP – $15.95 each

Stockists – Visit for stockists and online purchase. Also take advantage of Organic Island’s special offer of purchasing 3 lip balms for $30.95 and with free postage. 

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