After Moonrise

Author: P.C. Cast, Gena Showalter
ISBN: 9781921796432
RRP: $19.99

After Moonrise is the collaboration of two big names in paranormal romance. P.C. Cast and Gena Showalter come together in a world rife with spirits and psychic gifts. This volume brings together a story from each New York Times Bestselling Author loosely linked by their connection to the After Moonrise paranormal investigation agency, and there are investigators who appear in both stories.

Possessed centres around Kent Raef, a psychic investigator who tracks negative emotions. This makes him the go-to man for solving murders but feeling a little out of his depth when faced with the case of Lauren and Aubrey Wilcox. Lauren and Aubrey are twins who, while not psychically gifted, do share a special twin connection which is very much a unique gift that links them psychically. Aubrey is dead and the death has been ruled accidental, leaving Lauren a shell of herself and no-one quite sure how to move on from here. With nowhere else left to turn Kent Raef is approached because Lauren is adamant that this was murder.

The Gift that Raef has makes life a little less than enviable as it is so focused on negative emotion, he is the poster boy for being a product of your environment – being able to track and channel only negative emotions has made it much harder tor him to feel positive emotions, in turn making relationships very difficult to maintain. It also makes his solving this case infinitely more difficult because of the very nature of the beast they hunt.

after moonrise

The romance is a little left of ordinary which can be a good thing and the love triangle is unusual but I thought quite inventive. The characters are quite well fleshed and find the resolutions they need with all loose ends neatly tied. The ending isn’t going to be for everyone but I think it is quite open to interpretation as to whether you will view it in a positive or negative light.

Haunted is one that really kept me on my mind-toes, there were passages that I had to go back and re-read a couple of times because I missed something in the comprehension. I can’t be sure if it was the writing style or just the processor in my head but there was something I found inherently confusing in chunks of this storyline. Having said that, this is still a story I really enjoyed. So much so that I accidentally finished the book just before bed and therefore am not reviewing immediately after finishing, which I always find difficult.

Aurora Harper, though don’t ever let her hear you call her that, is far from the beautiful helpless Princess of the fairytale she was named for. She is beautiful, petite and seemingly vulnerable but that hides a core strength many would envy. She goes by just Harper and lives with her best friend Lana who is an investigator with After Moonrise, though her work with the agency is not at the forefront of the story.

Harper has been painting quite a vivid and gruesome scene in her sleep and it is getting seriously freaky for both her and Lana so she approaches her neighbour, Detective Levi Reid, to help her solve whatever it is that’s going on with this painting.

The two embark on quite a confronting journey of discovery as they uncover some very unwelcome facets of this case. They also begin to feel quite strongly for one another which, while it surprises both of them for different reasons buried in their respective pasts, also helps them to heal many of the hurts they have carried through the years.

After Moonrise brings together two talented authors in one book with stories centering around one paranormal investigative agency dealing with all facets of the paranormal. This volume has only scraped the surface of what could be possible. After Moonrise could spark an entire franchise and I would definitely be interested to see what could be done with the agency,

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