Interview with Eco Fashion Designer Sara Cohen

With a love for photography and the pure beauty of nature, Sara Cohen took a step forward to combine the two passions and create her own eco-friendly fashion range, Sara C. Sara’s clothing are of luxurious quality and the palette of colours used are bright and dreamily eye-catching.

Today I present to you a chat I had with Sara about the newest fashion collection for offer, Nature’s Edge.

It’s lovely to meet you Sara; can you please tell us how you started in eco fashion?

A passion for prints, colours and textiles propelled me to start designing my own prints. I wanted my love of nature to be inherent in the brand, so much so that each print is inspired by a specific aspect of nature. I started with fashion because I wanted to showcase the prints across simple silhouettes.  I started an eco fashion brand because I believe it’s important for us all to try and make a difference.

Sara C

In your own words, how would you define “ethical fashion”?

‘Ethical’ means many different things to many different people. For Sara C our tagline “Naturally” sums it up. Each garment is inspired by and respectful of the environment with each garment individually handmade in Britain using eco-friendly processes and fabrics.

“Bamboo Couture” is a term I use to describe our truly organic, ever-evolving creation and production process. Once I’ve designed a nature-inspired print, it’s crafted so that it works perfectly within the shape of each garment. That way we can decide exactly where the print is placed and how the front and back will match. Each garment is then placement printed, hand cut and sewn to keep wastage down.

Even the small details like our stationery and clothing labels are organic or recycled.

Your pieces from your latest collection, Nature’s Edge, are inspired by nature. Where did you travel to find the inspiration?

I spent 7 weeks earlier this year in the English winter countryside, surrounded by nature. For me nature tells millions of tiny perfect stories, and these stories are the starting point for all my prints. Nature’s Edge was inspired by my time in Cornwall and Wales earlier this year, with some of my prints also inspired by my time spent in Mexico and my 10 years living in Australia.

How has your photography career inspired the development of Sara C?

Photography is more of a hobby than career. But I do think my love of photography has given me a different way of looking at nature. I find myself being far more curious and inquisitive at the little details and stories that nature tells us. And when armed with a lens, the stories you find can be revealed in so much more depth and detail. These stories are the starting point for all my prints, which I photograph and sometimes draw.

Do you think being such a skilled photographer has given you an advantage at designing fashion?

I don’t think so. I started my label with a very limited knowledge of fashion. I came equipped with a love of prints and fashion. I believe that as long as you love what you do, then you’ll find a way of succeeding. You just need a lot of self-belief and a determination to keep going.

What materials are used in your pieces?

I only use ethical fabric such as 100% bamboo drape and 100% peace silk. Plus I’m currently testing some exciting new fabrics for next year’s collection.

What are some of the challenges you have faced?

I think my determination to produce a high impact fashion brand in a low impact way has created its own set of challenges.

One of my biggest challenges has been sourcing high quality ethical fabrics. Trying to find the perfect fabric that is available to digitally print and doesn’t require a minimum order of 1000 metres isn’t as easy as it seems.

Another challenge has been juggling the many hats you have to wear as a sole designer in a start up. Designer, accountant, production assistant, marketer, sales to name a few.  And the necessity to make decisions very quickly, without anyone to bounce the answers off. It’s a great way of learning to trust your instincts.

And importantly, finding a niche audience that appreciates a quality product that is lovingly made in Britain in a low impact way, and the cost associated with this quality.

Describe the type of person you see wearing your designs.

Women with a love of colour and prints, who appreciate their clothes being lovingly designed, made and manufactured in a low impact way,

What’s on your agenda for the year to come?

Lots of exciting things. I’m currently working on my new collection, which will incorporate some fresh new exciting prints across a broader range of clothes, scarves and cushions.


We thank Sara very much for her time.

Visit to view Sara’s collection.

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