Interview with Sam from Be Genki

I’m quite a big fan of Sam Sample, the marvellous creator of the natural brand Be Genki. I love the simplicity of the range and the holistic approach that Sam passionately brings in. Today we feature an interview with Sam for your reading pleasures. I rather enjoyed getting to know Sam a little better and I hope you do to.

Could you please tell us a little about your fabulous brand, Be Genki?

oh … what to say … Be Genki is very much close to my heart as it all started out of my desire to help a girlfriend who was suffering from anxiety and depression. From there I started to think about other areas in life that we need a little helping hand with. And so Be Genki was born, with products that help to bring about holistic health and happiness. Vitality for a little “pick me up”; Tranquility to help prepare for a peaceful night’s sleep; Serenity to help cope with every day stresses; and Sensuality to help nurture the loving relationship we have with our loved one, and more importantly our self.

Sam-Sample-Be Genki

What makes your brand different from others on the market?

Be Genki has a 360 degree approach to beauty, taking in to consideration that the body, mind and spirit are all interconnected, so our products are designed to be used along with the lifestyle recommendations that are printed on the labels.

What does your daily beauty routine consist of?

Meditation, exercise and dry skin body brushing in the morning.

A vegan diet, lots of purified water and herbal tea throughout the day.

A little sunshine kissing my skin in the afternoon.

In terms of products, I use AEOS – Active Energised Organic Skincare on my face (cleanser, conditioner, mist, serum, moisturiser and treatment oil), Be Genki body oils to moisturise my body, and Aura-Soma organic Pegasus Perfume for my fragrance.


What are your best selling products?

The Be Genki Body Oils. 100% pure heaven in a bottle – jojoba oil, rosehip oil and sweet almond oil, scented with 4 different essential oil blends.

Do you have any beauty/lifestyle tips?

To remember that the body, mind and spirit are all interconnected, so making it a conscious daily practice to nurture a little part of each aspect of ourself is the key for revealing our beauty. For example, to feed the body with organic and biodynamic nutritious wholefoods; to only use 100% natural beauty and personal care products; to exercise regularly; to drink loads of purified water; to generate happy and healthy thoughts; to enjoy a little sunshine each day; to engage in whatever it is that gets us in touch with our spirituality, and expanded awareness, and whatever else inspires or puts a smile on the face.

What does your fitness routine consist of?

In the mornings I practice either Zen Ki Yoga or Tracey Anderson’s Method. And I try to walk as much as possible, especially on the weekends, going for a walk in the countryside, or exploring somewhere new.

Do you have any spa treatments done? If so, what’s your favourite?

Most definitely. I absolutely love a really good deep tissue massage.

What’s next on the horizon for Be Genki?

We’re currently working on the new Be Genki Home Spa Ritual kits, as well introducing a fab raw vegan skin care line in Australia as part of our Be Genki Imports side of the business.


We send a warm thank you to Sam for her time with us.

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