Book Review: Blood Storm

Author: Rhiannon Hart
ISBN: 978-1-74275-478-9
RRP: $18.95

I have been looking forward to sinking my teeth into The Second Book of Lharmell ever since finishing Blood Song and waiting ever so impatiently for it to arrive. Finally I could resist its pull no longer.

Blood Storm picks up where Blood Song left off with Zeraphina and Rodden growing a grudging respect. Rodden is helping Zeraphina to train so they can take on the remaining Harmings.

There were many books in between the first and second Lharmell books but in no time I was fully immersed in their lives and frantically flicking pages to see where this story would take them.

The first thing to really grab my attention and make it imperative I read this the first chance I got is the cover. Deep blue sky and ocean form the backdrop to an eye-catching shot of Zeraphina. This cover is gorgeous and grabbed me from the first time I saw it on the internet when it was finalised.

Except now that I have finished and am hungering for Book 3 I have no idea what to write in this review.


Blood Storm is very well written, very lyrically written and the language used makes it impossible not to be swept up in the story. There were times that I couldn’t help but giggle at the choice of curse words and there were some used that I thought sounded a little out of place, a little too modern but I’m a modern girl in this world so I don’t know what they speak in Hart’s world.

The world, or more specifically the word building, is much more detailed in Blood Storm. We see a lot more of the world because Zeraphina and Rodden travel it in search of important elements to help prepare the most effective weapons for the upcoming battle with the Harmings and the Lharmellins.

Blood Song saw Zeraphina defeat the Lharmellin leader, which they thought would send the Harmings into disorganised chaos and make it easier to defeat them. Unfortunately that has not been the case and it seems the Harmings are more organised than ever before so there must be a new leader and it’s up to Zeraphina and Rodden to discover who it is, and defeat him.

Zeraphina is still a very young heroine, though very close to marrying age in her mothers eyes, but she has taken the weight of the world on her shoulders and is determined to make a difference. She may have been born Princess Zeraphina but there is so much more to her than that. She is strong and stubborn, and fast learning to look after herself. The journey she undertakes with Rodden allows her to learn more about herself and her abilities, what it means to be a Harming. Zeraphina is out to save the world, with little thought to her own safety much of the time.

Rodden is still very mysterious. As his relationship with Zeraphina evolves we start to learn a little about Roddens past but only ever what he is willing to share, some of it he has been holding onto for a long time and finds it difficult to let go off. He is very much rough around the edges, often abrupt and shut off , which makes it all the more special to witness the scenes in which he is softer.

Court politics and relations between kingdoms play quite an important role in Blood Storm so it is interesting to see how the decisions are made.

Queen Renata and Princess Lilith are just annoying self-centred women concerned only with the things that affect them personally, and their reputations. Yes there were times it made me want to slap them but for the most part it was satisfying to see Zeraphina stand up to them and do what she needs to do.

The chemistry between Rodden and Zeraphina is palpable as we watch their bond change. But before they can do anything they need to get around Queen Renata’s persistence on the part of Zeraphina’s marriage to a prince, of which Rodden is certainly not, and survive their quest to defeat the Harmings.

And a small word of warning… The cliffhanger ending is an absolute doozy.

Blood Storm is an engrossing read that I did not want to put down, now to go back to the waiting game until I can immerse myself in the final chapter – Blood Queen.

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