Orly smartGels At Home Gel Manicure

If you want to save time and money without sacrificing your regular gel manicures, ORLY’s new smartGel system could be the solution for you.

The price of your at home manicure (which is calculated including the investment of the LED lamp) will work out to be just over $10 and take under 20 minutes…with professional results.

The new range includes:

  • A 39 bulb LED light with a timer for extra fast curing
  • A Starter Kit which contains the items required for application and removal
  • smartGELS colours

There are 12 smartGel colours to choose from, giving you long lasting colour. If you get bored easily you can always paint over your gel nails with regular polish.

orly smartgel

Here is a little step by step guide from ORLY Australia Ambassador, Fiona Hay:

  1. Prep + Base: Gently push back cuticles with the smartGELS pusher. Then use the smartGELS Lint Free Wipes and the smartGELS Cleanser to dehydrate and clean nails thoroughly. Lightly prime the nail tips to help extend the life of your gel manicure and then let dry. Apply a thin layer of smartGELS Base+Top and cure under the LED light for 30 seconds.
  2. Colour: Apply a thin coat of smartGELS colour and cure under the LED light for another 30 seconds. Apply a second coat and cure once more. Keep in mind that darker shades may require an extra coat.
  3. Complete: Apply a thin coat of smartGELS Base+Top and cure. Remove the tacky layer with smartGELS Cleanser and smartGELS Lint-Free Wipes. Then finish with one or two drops of smartGELS Cuticle Oil on each nail.
  4. Remove: Removal has never been this easy. Simply use the smartGELS file to file the top of the nail and to break the seal of the gel. Next, using the smartGELS pocket removers, soak your fingers for ten minutes with a small amount of ORLY smartGELS remover. Then simply remover your fingers from the solution and gently push off any remaining gel. You are now ready for your next smartGELS manicure.

The ORLY smartGELS system includes: LED Light, RRP: $99.95 / Starter Kit, RRP: $79.95 / smartGELS colour, RRP:
$23.95 each.

The ORLY smartGELS system is available from August 1, 2012, exclusively in the following pharmacies – Terry Whites Chemists nationally, National Pharmacies (in South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria) and online from: www.orlybeauty.com.au

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