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Clinically proven for chesty coughs.

Prospan is a clinically proven cough medicine that is suitable for chesty and bronchial coughs. Made in Germany and distributed worldwide, Prospan has been subject to rigorous clinical testing* in both adults and children. Manufactured by Engelhard Arzneitmittel

Prospan’s powerful active ingredient, hedera helix has a special two-fold action to help relieve and ease coughing. Prospan Expectorant has a non-drowsy, sugar-free, gluten-free and alcohol-free formula and even the fussiest children will like the pleasant taste of it.

With this powerful cough medicine, you only need half the dosage of most other cough medicines. So instead of a standard adult dose (up to 15ml three times a day), you only need 5ml of Prospan Expectorant three times a day. The dosage for children is also much lower, making it even easier for little ones to swallow! For more details about Prospan Expectorant’s Dosage Guidelines, please see below.


Age Dosage Frequency

  • 2-5 years 2.5ml 3 x per day
  • 6-9 years 2.5ml 3 x per day
  • 9-16 years 5ml 3 x per day
  • Adults 5-7.5ml 3 x per day

Prospan Infant Drops for Chesty Coughs

  • Now available in pharmacies nationally.
  • Can be used in under 2s (with pharmacist’s advice).
  • Gluten-free, sugar free and no colourings.
  • Built-in dropper for easy dosing.
  • Only $9.95 for a 20ml bottle.

*Please refer to our clinical studies on the Prospan Research pages.

Use as directed. Always read the label. Consult a healthcare practitioner if symptoms persist. For under 2 years olds, refer to the pharmacist or your healthcare practitioner.

Active ingredient of Prospan Expectorant and Prospan Infant Drops: Hedera Helix equiv. 43.75mg/mL dry leaf.

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