Kenwood kMix Boutique Colour Collection

The kitchen is one part of your home that should be enjoyed, cooking is a fun way to express your creativity and even if it doesn’t turn out how it is supposed to, there is always tomorrow to try something different!

Traditional appliances will match your cupboards and your fridge…but do their coats match your personality?

Kenwood are here to add a pop of colour infusion into your kitchen, so you can cook up a storm in style! Their shiny new kMix Boutique Colour Collection is for lovers of brights with a range of appliances in a rainbow of colours.

You can watch the following video which really showcases the new collection:

Passion Pink, Coconut White, Glam Green, Sun Kissed Yellow, Outrageous Orange, Raspberry Red, Peppercorn Black and Bold Blue make up the colour palette.

The Kitchen Machine will become your best friend, it will not only mix but with added attachments the possibilities are endless. The Bench Blender will make smoothies, soups, dips and crush ice while the Hand Blender is ideal for pureeing. Last of the beaters is the Hand Mixer for beating and whipping up cakes and desserts.

The Jug Kettle and Toaster complete the range and you will be able to enjoy them when you have your morning coffee and toast. A burst of Sun Kissed Yellow would be a lovely way to start the day.

kmix blue

It is also worth mentioning that the appliances with handles have “SureGrip” – this means they are comfortable to hold with a special grip covering.

When you look at this range you cannot help but want to choose a favourite colour. If you visit the Kenwood kMix Boutique website you will find a colour quiz based on your personality – I ended up as Sun Kissed Yellow.

I do love the yellow, but that being said…I don’t think I could go past the Passion Pink! If you were to choose, which colour would you put in your kitchen?

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