Zuma’s Revenge!

PopCap Games are a world leader in casual video games for many platforms and recently they announced that they are planning to launch Zuma’s Revenge! for Xbox LIVE.

Funnily enough I have been playing quite a bit of this game on my PC recently and it’s fun and fabulous. It is a blockbuster Action Puzzler that I enjoy playing to wind down.

Zuma’s Revenge! for Xbox LIVE will include exclusive new game modes Boss Rush and Weekly Challenge. There will also be an all-new player progression system via Spirit Animal companions.

The information I received came from Dublin and is advertising a summer release, which means for those of us in the southern hemisphere it’s going to be a winter release, of Zuma’s Revenge! as an Arcade product for 800 Microsoft Points. The digital game will have a global release in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Brazilian Portugese.

zuma xbox

The Zuma franchise is experiencing massive popularity at the moment, to date there have been well over 20 million game units sold. Four new Zuma titles have been released this year on multiple mobile and handheld devices.

Zuma franchise marketing manager at PopCap, Van Riker, says “The PopCap team has done an amazing job of enhancing the level of challenge, game features and customizations with this latest version of Zuma’s Revenge!, which we believe make it a must for Xbox players.”

New and innovative game features for Xbox LIVE include:

– Boss Rush and Weekly Challenge game modes are new and exclusive ways to extend your gameplay

– No more lives, no more checkpoints and no more game over

– 4 all-new Spirit Animal companions to be discovered and befriended

– Earn Spirit Badges on every level and use them to power up your Spirit Animals

– 74 leaderboards for more opportunity to beat your friends

– Experience remastered HD graphics

– 20 Xbox LIVE achievements to be unlocked

– Flaunt 2 tiki-themed awards for your Xbox LIVE avatar


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