The Gracemakers

The Gracemakers self-titled EP was recorded independently by the talented Melbourne duo and is available now on iTunes.

This EP is the perfect accompaniment to a relaxing afternoon with a book, which of course is my first go to perfect afternoon, perhaps it would be better described as a sultry soundtrack to any time you want to kick back and relax.

The melodies are mellow and haunting, beautifully complementing Tiffany Kommedal’s voice. The songwriting shows great depth and speaks to the heart of emotions and are quite uplifting and sweet.

Kent Morris plays guitar that is a perfect match to Kommedal’s voice and lyrics. It is in turns powerful and intimate.

The Gracemakers

The Gracemakers are all about uplifting music that connects with you, aiming straight from the heart. They speak of friendships and relationships and send positive messages.

This is not an EP for a rowdy rocking party but would be a great addition to any laid back get together, the barbecue or dinner party that requires a soundtrack but doesn’t inhibit conversation.

If The Gracemakers self-titled EP is a sign of things to come and showcases their talent and the depth of their songwriting and musical skills then this is definitely going to be a duo to watch. I will be interested to see what they come out with next.

Track Listing

I’m Into You
Shooting Stars
Heavens Friend

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